Campbell University Top Questions

What do you brag about most when you tell your friends about your school?


I brag all the time about my school. I am learning a lot and there is so much to get involved in. I also brag about the library and the fact we are finally getting a Starbucks on campus. I brag that our school is not so big, so I can't get lost, and how I know where everything is. My campus is so beautiful and very peaceful at night. There aren't that many distractions, and it is a great place to learn. I think my friends would love it here, just like I do!


It is a beautiful campus with great professors! Your success is the main focus here! I love walking to all my classes because of the layout and beauty of my campus, and everyone is so friendly! You will love the small town feel of this school. I think it is great to be walking on campus and your professors call you by your first name.


I brag about how much the administration and higher ups care about the students. They are so nice and just want the best thing for us students whether it is with money or what classes to take. They want us to succeed and will do anything to help us to make that happen.


The campus and students are fantastic. Everything for the school is within walking distance and the school is constantly updating the facilities by either remodeling or building new facilities. The student life is great and that makes studing easier. The faculty is awesome and they promote a great learning environment while encouraging discussion.


To me class size is important. At Campbell, most classes are 15-25 students. Participation and communication are encouraged and you develop a relationship with your professors.


I love that the school is academic focused, and has a great Education program.


The thing to brag about the most of my school is that it is small, but yet it is big enough to have your space. Its? campus is beautiful and you can get anywhere walking in a matter of minutes. It is very easy to make friends for life and it is also easy to maintain a close relationship with most of the professors.


When talking about my school i usually brag about the nice facilities that we have on campus. The buildings are nice for such a small campus and it offers a nice variety.


The thing that I brag about would have to be when we beat UNC in soccer. They were ranked 3rd at the time.


When I brag about my school, I talk about the success rate of the Business school and the Pharmacy school & Law school as well (although not in these programs: Pharmacy & Law). I also talk about our athletic programs and their acheivements. In bragging about my university I talk about the closeness of the student body as well as the support of the community.


I tend to brag about all of the new things the campus is building. The new football stadium (we just got a football team again after 50 years), basketball gym, food court, training gym etc.