Campbell University Top Questions

What kind of person should not attend this school?


Campbell is a private university that has very different rules a regulations than other schools. The price is also more expensive than most schools, it is about $40,000 for tuition and can be kinda high for some families. Then there is the fact that Campbell is a private Christian school that fully believes in the baptist truths and does not stray far from it. When apply looking at the small things will help people decide what kind of school they are looking for.


The type of person that should not attend Campbell is one that does not want to get involved. The most fun you can have at Campbell is joining clubs and going to athletic events . That is how you get to interact with others on campus because Campbell is not located in the city.


If a student is used to strict over-protection and can not handle not having a lot of bounderies, then they should consider a more strict school. However, if the student thinks that they can "slide through college like they slid through highschool," then they need to find a school where attendance is not required to pass the class.


This school is not for the party animal. A Campbell education is "involved" and designed to not only teach the technical knowledge but development of the students education through experience and application of what is being taught. Many of my classes require interaction with the public, or civic projects, etc. This provides the student with an experience and hands on opportunity to apply what has been learned......


A student that is looking for a lot of school spirit, a large college atmospheres, and some one that is always looking for something to do, cause there is nothing to do here.


Drug addicts


Intolerant people should not attend this school. There are so many types of people here from countries all around the world and from so many different religions that one must be tolerant of different views if they want to attend this school.


those looking to party a lot or who are in love with the "big city"


A person who feels the need to come to school to party, consume alcohol and drunks. The town is a dry town, and in the hearth of the Bible Belt.


Anybody that wants a university focused on academics. The university has good leaders but their focus is not on the students.


Someone who wants a mide-size school where you have the opportunity to get to know your professors and fellow students. There isn't much of a club or party scene, but it's easy to make strong friends if you're willing to.


If you find enjoyment in partying and an alternative lifestyle, basically happy with living a subsistent life, you should not attend Campbell University.




Anyone who is Liberal or a democrat! Anyone who isnt a Christian doesn't stand a chance at Campbell. People are very closed-minded and conservative.


Anyone that is wild, crazy and enjoys drinking. Campbell is very opposed to parties and alcohol, and I personally think this is a great thing. I am very against alcohol and drugs and all myself, so I am very happy here.


The kind of person that should attend this school, is someone who is looking to get away from home to a more family oriented environment. Someone who likes to be closeknit, who doesn't want to be lost because the school is so small. The student to attend this university should be open minded to religion and willing to accept and express their views; It's a Baptist university and some religion courses are required. This person shall be friendly and outgoing to make friends.


Someone that isn't ready to buckle down with their goals. Also who wants to party more than study.