Canisius College Top Questions

Describe how your school looks to someone who's never seen it.


Canisius College really is a place where leaders are made.


Canisius is a puts you on the fast track to success if you are strong enough to hang on for the ride.


Canisius College is a great school to get a wonderful education, meet interesting people, and be in the middle of a fun city.


Small, well organized, lots of extra curricular acrtivities.


Canisius College is a wealhy, snobby school with great classes and professors, but a bad social scene.


Canisius College is a very safe school that is in the middle of the city; it is so safe in fact that the security on campus actually helped to solve a criminal case for the city.


It's a small school with an ok campus, pretty good academic program, and not very much else going on


Canisius College is an accepting and non-judgemental environment where students from all over come to engage themselves in stimulating education to further their careers.


Small classes, interactive teachers, and guarenteed job after graduation.


Canisius College is leadership.


My school is friendly and accepting of all people, no matter ethnicity, religion, race, or sex, and I feel that I am getting a wonderful education.