Canisius College Top Questions

Describe the students at Canisius College.


My classmates were smart, kind and always there to work with you.


My classmates at Canisius are intellegent, hard-working, courageous, environmentally aware, fun to be around, encouraging and friendly.


My classmates are very eager to learn. When things get tough they aren't afraid to ask for help.


Great friends


Most come from suburban schools and there isn't too much diversity


All of the classmates I have had thus far at Canisius have been ever lasting friends. If I ever misunderstood a class discussion I could always ask a classmate to clarify and explain it. Also if I ever missed a class I could get notes from someone in class so I didn't fall behind in class especially if there was an exam coming up. Canisius classmates are always reliable and dependable.


They are driven and determined but not overly competative.


My classmates are energetic, peppy, and like to be social.