Canisius College Top Questions

What's unique about your campus?


The financial aid opprotunitites and awards for merit-based scholarships


The best thing about Canisius College would be its small classes and intimate campus.


The small class sizes and proffesors. I always felt like I could go to them and ask them anything in or out of class.


Large career based community


The classes are small, it's conveniently located to my apartment, the professors are for the most part very good


I really enjoy the whole psychosocial environment of the school. THe physical environemt is very inviting and small enough that you almost know everyone, or at least recognize them. Everyone is very nice and I have great relationships with my professors. My professors seem to genuinely care how I and the other students do, and they, themselves, love what they do.


I love the diversity, cultural, racial, and even political. There is always to discuss things with, always an apposing veiw point. So much so that academic discussions are extremely common place in and outside of the class room. I also highly appreciate the Jesuit influnce, as it adds to the welcoming atmosphere to the School. The Jesuits are like a bunch of jolly old Santas.


There are so many differnt kinds of clubs available that it is almost impossible to not get involved. Also, because the school is academically rigorous, it is very likely that you will get into a top chioce grad school or job placement once you graduate.