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If you are looking for a close knit, small, welcoming school. Carroll could be your place! With its great opportunities and small campus, its truly a great school. This school offers a wide range of majors but excels in the sciences. As a liberal art college, not only do you get a great education, you get to experience many important ideas that really make you think outside the box! Most people have never even heard about Carroll University, but that is a positive because its like a hidden treasure of a school.

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Carroll University is a wonderful academic institution with small classes, and easily accessible professors whom are more than willing to help in any way they can. The campus is small and easily navigated which is nice in the bitterness of Wisconsin's winter weather. The major downfall of this university is that it's a university with very few post undergraduate programs. In addition to the lack of advanced degrees, the number of adjuncts that come from University of Wisconsin Milwaukee is quite disappointing. For the tuition one pays to attend Carroll one should be able to expect that the professors are coming from colleges or universities of similar nature with doctoral degrees. I highly dislike that we have professors teaching with masters degrees when our tuition is over 27k per year. Being I transferred from Marquette University this has been my only major turn off of Carroll's program and business structure.

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