Carroll University Top Questions

What kind of person should not attend this school?


A person that attends Carroll University should be someone who enjoys connecting with people around them. Because of the small campus size you will get to know a lot of other students and people. A student who wants to have individualized attention and not considered a number is someone who would love the academics at Carroll.


Someone should not attend this school if they are looking for a big school. Carroll University is only a couple of blocks by a couple of blocks, so if someone wanted that big ten college experience Carroll is not for them.


A person who doesn't like small schools. Carroll is very small and academically focused so students who like to party should not attend Carroll either.


People who want big schools, tons of diversity, and want to party all the time shouldn't go to this school. Those who want big, exciting nightlife and those who don't care about their education shouldn't attend this school. Students who want tons of opportunities available to them also should go to a larger city.


If you are looking for a large campus with a lot of diversity Carroll propably wouldn't be the right fit! also if you want to be in the city, Carroll is more in a residential area.


To attend Carroll a person must want to succeed and want to have a place they can call home. At Carroll the instructors and staff are all very welcoming and want to help students succeed. It is a great university!


I believe that I kind of person that should attend Carroll College is one where a state school failed them. There is so much help available and the small class sizes help you to feel so included. Also, the town, yet small has many free events open to the public. You can really make a name for yourself at this school unlike a larger school.


Someone who is not accademically motivated should not attend carroll. The classes are of a difficult level, and the undergraduate programs are very competitive and in need of excellent grades. Carroll is also a very expensive school, so it would be important to apply for scholarships and loans if need be.


The type of person/ student that should not attend this school is one who is not serious about their eucation or the work load it will come with. An education and degree is earned, not just handed to you.


People who are looking for the big college or university experience should not attend Carroll University.


A person who is not serious about their education, or is going for a degree such as education, culinary, or psychology that can easily be achieved at another school for much less money.


You shouldn't attend this school if you are looking for large class sizes, TAs teaching lectures or labs, an isolated community, or professors who are never available. Carroll does not have a 'big university' feel; it is a small campus with beautiful historic buildings and a small-feeling neighborhood.


I can't think of one "type" of person who isn't fit for this school, other than if they would rather attend a large/"Big Ten" type of school. If they don't like the atmosphere of a smaller school, Carroll isn't the best fit for them.


I think that the kind of person that shouldn't go to school is a person that wastes their time and money or parent's money to mess around and not show up to class or do any work. Everyone deserves a chance for higher education but not everyone has the opportunity. The people who waste that opportunity to get a college degree by taking school for granted should not be at allowed to attend school because they don't appreciate what an opportunity they are getting to start their future.


The type of person that should attend Carroll University should be anyone, even if they are of different race, ethnicity, or disabled. Carroll offers many programs to help people in need and who want to academically succeed. As my sophmore year continues, Carroll has made my grades improve greatly due to these programs and it will continue to get better until I graduate.


Someone who doesn't have a lot of money and someone who is willing to sacrifice a lot of their time to study.


The type of person who shouldn't attend this school is the hard core partier. You need to be able to keep your eyes on the prize and focus. The science classes here are tough and over 50% of the kids going here are science majors. This isn't the campus for slackers.


A person who likes big crowds and lots of people should not attend this school.


People who should not attend this school are people who like to slack of and are disrespectful. Carroll College takes students well being very seriosly and does not tolorate students who do what they want to do. Students who do not take their work seriously will be punished. If you are a health science student you will learn right away that you need to shape up.


I think that anyone could attent this school. I transfered from another school, and have felt my niche and feel comfortable and have many friends on campus. I am in different organizations and am enjoying my time, so I think that anyone could enjoy it too!


Someone who enjoys large lecture halls, Carroll offers students the opportunity to get involved in class discussions while getting to know other students and the professors.


Partiers and people who like big places and lots of people.


Someone looking for the D1 sports and big school. We are close to Milwaukee so going into the city is easy to do. We have amazing sports fans, but it is D3 sports. I love that the athletes are just regular guys, not "celebrities" like at other universities. They are just regular guys that are some of my best friends.


Someone who doesn't like small class sizes and thrives on a lot of people to be around! My school is generally small and so people who go there have to like a small campus


If you're not willing to work hard, don't go to this school. If you're looking for a party school, this is not it.


Students who value the practice of Free Speech and Free Thought (Regardless of what views are being expressed, the school will only allow you to express them in an extremely limited fashion)


someone who likes small schools


People that are not motivated to learn and want a large college or university setting should not attend Carroll College. Carroll is a smaller liberal arts school that offers a terrific education and surrounds you with students and faculty that are eager to prepare themselves for their desired careers. Students that are not open to thoughts and ideas outside of mainstream beliefs would also be not as likely to enjoy their time here at Carroll College.

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