Carthage College Top Questions

Describe the students at your school.


Most students are very nice well put together individuals.


My classmates are driven; they are caring, stimulating intellectuals that want to change the world and are destined to make it happen; they are fiery, unsuspecting forces, the dark horses of the century that will transform the world into a better, more magnificent place.


My classmates are extremely knowledgable about there areas of study and and also are very involved in campus organizations and activities.


My classmates are self motivated individuals that strive to do their best in all they do.




My classmates are very outspoken and opinionated. They like to be active in class discussions and take part in any activities that occur in the class. They are very good listeners. They also give great support to the others in the class.


Our class sizes are smaller, so I am able to get to know the people in my classes on an individual basis and I get to know lots of people.


Everyone is very friendly and willing to help each other out, which is pretty awesome.


My fellow classmates are supportive, engaging, inquizative and reliable.


My classmates are inspiring.


All types of religions, economic groups, races, nationalities, and political leanings can be found on campus. There does seem to be a greater majority, though, of Christians, wealthier students, and white students. This is by no means a large or extremely obvious majority. In my opinion, the student body has a pretty strong feeling of unity despite these differences and imbalances. You can really find all types of students on this campus. Some people dress up for class everyday, so if this interests you, you certainly wont be out of place. Most people don't come to class in complete pajamas, but sweats and athletic wear are extremely common. Ethnic/religious attire is a pretty common sight as well. A majority of the students seem to be from Illinois. Liberals, conservatives, centrists, and libertarians are very equally represented, but the conservative crowd is the most active on campus.


My classmates are very young, and enjoy focusing on social functions verse academeic.


I have not met any of my current classmates due to the fact that I am a transfer student from Gateway Technical College. My classmates from Gateway can be described as friendly, driven, smart and very involved.


My classmates are fun, and most are easy to get along with and become good friends with, but they are all VERY diverse, simply because there aren't really any two alike.


Adults, I am not a traditonal student, I am over 40 and my daughter is attending college as well.


Typically motivated and determined, often distracted by alcohol or social events.


At Carthage College my classmates are friendly towards other and driven to succeed.


My classmates work hard, laugh even harder, and are there to enjoy the lake while getting a top-notch education.


Interesting. Carthage is full of a variety of students. At sometimes the campus is too clicky and it is hard to meet new people. Most students are fun loving however.


One of the cool things about Carthage College is that a vast majority of the kids who come actually want to be there; it's not a school that you just go to because you don't know what else to do.


My classmates are very opinionated; they are not afraid to express what they believe in most situations, whether they're discussing politics, religion, or other philosophies.


My classmates are helpful and are there if I need any help.


My classmates are friendly, easy to talk to, and are always willing to create study groups or just hang out outside of class.


The students at Carthage are a determined and fun group of young people who have made the transition into college a very positive experience.


My classmates are helpful.


My classmates are generally out-going and tend to participate in class discussions.


I am able to have a personal relationship with my classmates because the classes are so small. I would describe most of them as enthusiastic and hard working.


Since the classrooms are smaller, my classmates are able to engage more in the classroom, and most take advantage of this.


My classmates are exciting, cheerful, helpful, willing, and smart.


My classmates are very determined and we all want good grades. We strive and work hard to get good grades and all help one another.


The students of Carthage College are prodominatly caucasion and seem to come from an upper middle to upper class home; they also seem to have been in the upper half of their highschool class as there is no obvious outliers in terms of academic ability.


My classmate are open-minds, helpful, curious, and inviting.


My classmates shock me, agree with me, disagree with me, make me laugh, upset me and say things that make me think in ways I've never thought before.


innovatiatve, but can be clsed mined at times, because of the students are from the suburbs and haven't really expericenced real culture and they can make real bone head comments about race or religion at times.


Nice and respectful in class, maybe nice outside of class too, but I don't communicate with a lot of them outside of class because I am a commuter student.


My classmates at Carthage College are ,for a majority, intellectual, driven, and willing to work hard to succeed.


My classmates are all unique and add a new perspective to class, thus adding to the learning that takes place within the class, making it fun and upbeat.


My classmates are an exceptional group of young ambitious individuals who strive to achieve their full potentials.


My classmates are interesting people who come from a wide range of backgrounds, but they all are passionate about learning.


The people here at Carthage are some of the friendliest people I have met and are always ready to lend a hand at anything that you might need help with.


In the four years of college, I still have the same friends from Freshmen year and my friend base has just grown throughout my college career.


Most of my classmates are very helpful if I'm not understanding the material and can't get ahold of a professor, we often times will meet outside of class and work on the assignments together.


Very engaged in discussions and interested in what is being taught.


My classmates are diverse in interests and backgrounds. We all contribute something different.


My view of my classmates if I could have one word would be to say determined.


Be sure to study hard and don't get so involved in campus life that you do not do well academically. You need to be able to guide your own education so understand the graduation requirements and be actively involved in your course selection. If you have a goal to complete your undergraduate degree in four years to will need to think outside of the box to get all your coursework done. Especially important if you have a major and a minor or two.


Never focus too close on data.


The classmates I associate with are very studious, and they are willing to help newcommers find their way around campus.