Carthage College Top Questions

What do you brag about most when you tell your friends about your school?


On that television show Cheers, the theme song describes it as a place "Where everybody knows your name." That's one of the best things about Carthage. Every day, you see people you know, and you have classes with many of the same people for all four years. It's nice to know you're not alone. Our professors are knowledgeable and well-respected in their field, but they're even better human beings. Having people care about you and your grade is a combination that you don't find everywhere.


I would say that I brag about the view the campus provides, and even the campus itself. The campus was one of the many reason why I chose to go to Carthage and I like that each day while walking around campus I get to see why I was lucky to have chosen this school. The campus is on Lake Michagan, and waking up to see the sun rise on the lake is an experience that I am grateful for each day. I know that there are some pretty campuses out there but none are better in my mind.


I brag about the location and the great professors. Our professors are graduates of Ivy league schools so we know that we are receiving the best education.


My school has a beautiful campus because it is right on lake Michigan. Also, I am a member of the cross country and track team so I have the priviledge of being a division 3 college athlete. It doesn't take more than ten minutes to walk to class from my dorm. There are so many cool clubs and activities here and everyone is friendly.


I get to live on Lake Michigan!


I brag about how close the students and teachers are with each other. It is very easy to ask professors for help outside of classes, which most of my friends cannot do. The campus being so small makes it easy to make friends and create networking relationships that can assist one later in life. Being a part of the Varsity Volleyball team, I experience something that isn't only about its current players but representing a bigger program. The alumni of the team support us any chance they have which makes it a very special program.


Most of my professors have the highest degrees in their fields.


When I brag to my friends and urge them to visit me at Carthage the one thing that I always have to mention is how absolutly gorgeous the campus is. The campus is located on Lake Michigan and has a great coast line. Carthage is also classified as an arboretum and has no shortage of beautiful nature spots on campus.


I love to tell my friends about all the performances and auditions I am doing at Carthage. As a Music Theatre major, I want as much as experience as possible with performing and auditioning. My classes are intimate and informative, preparing me with all the necessary fundamentals to have a successful audition. If an audition leads to a performance, big or small, it serves as a great learning experience. Again, the small school can produce a competitive atmoshpere, but as an aspiring performer, that helps prepare you for the professional world.


The professor and isntructors are very approachable and helpful.


I would brag that the student to teacher ratio here is one of the best things because you get more one on one time with your teacher and just more attention to a smaller group making it easier to understand and learn. Also all the people here are so nice and I have made so many good and amazing friends. This campus is also only a mile long making it very easy to navigate! I would not trade this school for another ever!


The faculty are really nice, and always helpful.


The college is super fun and all of the people are really friendly. There's A BUNCH of stuff going on everyday, so there's always something to do. It has a religious affiliation and an amazing chapel. The teachers really get to know you and it's great for a little more personal one-on-one help if you need it.


The amazing atmosphere


I brag about the beauty of the college. This campus is so pretty with it being right on the shore of Lake Michigan and having fantastic campus buildings. They have been renovating the campus to make it look as gorgeous as it does now. I enjoy how wonderful this campus is, and the campus has beautiful scenery. The trees during the fall look wonderful and add even more to the beauty of the school. Also, the friendliness of the people here is a plus for this school.


What I brag about most to my friends is the beautiful view of the lake I have, and my awesome class schedule.


I brag about the lake all the time. I also brag about how great the classes are. And that Carthage is a Liberal Arts class, and that I get the chance to try things within several majors outsid of my own. I also like how there are diverse c lub choices. And that I feel like that ht eschool really wants its student to succeed and to find what they will enjoy and work hard at in life.


I don't really find much to brag about in terms of students or professors or staff, but if I had to brag about something, it would be our massive new complexes and construction projects. Take our Hedberg Library, for example; my good friend who goes to Parkside told me that even though they have nearly twice as many full-time students, our library is larger than theirs. Not to mention our new Student Union, due to open in the fall of 2011...


We have some very intelligent students and faculty, and some rather vigorous programs.


I brag to my friends most about the opportunities that are available to me as a student. Internships, work-studies, grants, scholarships, and so much more are all available for me. The professors are all renounced in some way for form for their subject. I love the fact they the college offers real world experience before I ever have to even think about looking for a job. The challenges of an area of work are already addressed long before committing to a major.


I brag about everything about Carthage, from the amazing education that I am receiving here to the breath taking view that I have when I look out my window. I am very proud of the school that I go to, and I make sure that I tell everyone all about it every chance that I get.


Many of the instructors in my field (Musical Theatre) are either well known or have accomplished much in the field. I believe the staff here is very talented and well rounded.


I brag about how much free entertainment is provided at my school. We may be a private liberal arts college, but the musicians and comedians that are brought here always show us a great time to break away from our studies. Some entertainment is even put on by the students; our theater department contains many talent actors and actresses. Art and graphic design majors also showcase their work, and dance minors put on recitals periodically. Friends of students are also welcome to come to see the free shows, which is also a benefit of my school.


A smaller school has given me more personal relationships, rather then an overwhelming huge university where I feel like another number.


I like that there are only around 2500 students and a very lerge sense of community. Also, I have discovered that the professors are wonderful and willing to get to know the students outside of the classroom.


That is a vintage campus with new technology starting to take over but yet has that old-style feel being right next to the lake and the city of Kenosha. Very accessible facilities for on-campus housing and off-campus housing.


I love watching my friend's jaws drop after telling them that my biggest class size this semester was twenty-five. They all have huge lecture halls with at least 200 students in the room. They especially don't like how I have actual professors teaching my class, and if I ever have questions I am able to ask right in class. All of my professors even gave me their personal cell numbers to call them if I need help. That is something you could never get at a large school, and it makes Carthage unique.


The community on campus is great. Everyone whether it be students, staff, or workers are very friendly and helpful. I like knowing a lot of people and being on a small campus because it is like a second family.


When looking for a college, I highly doubt that one is looking for a place where the campus is an undesirable place to live, the people are unfriendly, and the teachers are uninterested in your welfare. I knew that that's not what I was looking for. whenever looking for the place that I would be for the next four or more years. At Carthage College, I found a gorgeous campus full of great people that are full of life, and teachers with a great passion for teaching and bringing endless opportunites to students yearning for knowledge.


When telling people about Carthage, the first thing that comes to mind is the beautiful campus; because it is located in the middle of a forest preserve on the edge of Lake Michigan, it provides a quiet and inspiring learning environment.


The beauty of the campus' floral arrangements, the nice library, and the view of Lake Michigan.


Well, I brag the most about my fellow classmates and the campus. Everyone is very welcoming here and you feel very comfortable walking around campus. I've made so many friends and its easy to get along with everyone. The campus isnt very big so it is easy to become affiliated with everyone. You see familiar faces all the time, rather than at a large university where you may see someone once a day.


When I tell friends about my school I don't usually brag but I tell them about the friends that I have made at school and how they would really like them. I tend to choose similar friends out of different groups so I feel that all the people that I am friends with can also be friends.


When I tell my friends about Carthage, I mention the benefits of learning by having constructive communication between the instructors and students.


When I tell my friends about my college I brag a lot about how I get a lot of one on one attention and that there are no more than 40 students in my class at the most. Usually my classes are a lot smaller where you learn a lot more and get a lot more individual help. Also, my school is is right on Lake Michigan! It is a beautiful campus and I look out to Lake Michigan everyday from my room. Everyone is so friendly even all the professors and it is such a fun campus!


When I brag to my freinds about my school, I talk about the view. The view is wonderful. Lake MIchigan is right there and there are benches where you can sit and just relax when it is a nice day. I love having the lake right on campus; it is very peaceful. I know many of my friends who left are jealous because I still have the lake!


I brag most about the academic success that I am achieving at Carthage College. I feel that it is perfectly designed college for a student like myself. The class sizes are small which allows me to get the attention from the teachers that I need.


Carthage College is a great school because you get the best of both worlds - a big city curriculum with a small town experience. All the teachers I have had so far have pushed me to do my very best, but were also merciful and eager to help me succeed.


That I have recieved a full tuition scholarship


I tell every one of the amazing experiences I have had at Carthage. I am double majoring in math and music, with a minor in secondary education. At any other university, this would be impossible, but at Carthage, I will be able to graduate with this course load in only four years, plus student teaching. Also, my experiences travelling are not paralleled by any of my friends at other universities, as I went to Japan my freshman year during J-term, am preparing to travel to Africa in less than one week, and plan on returning to Japan next year.


The fact I visit places like the Great Lakes Water Institute and operate ROV (Remotely Operated Vehicles) or how I do experiments with the local water sources (Rivers, streams, and lakes) to test phosphorus, sodium chloride content, etc...


I brag about personal positions that I hold, or the amount of student activites that are offered. There is an organization for anything and everything. They have major bands and artists perform here that you couldn't even find at big state and publicized schools.


That it has a nice view of the lake and a great education.


Very pretty, nice facilities, lots of financial aid, small school


It is the prettiest possible right on Lake Michigan


The lake-side effect and the small class sizes.


I would tell them how much I enjoy my school because of its small class sizes, diverse classes, and the amount of one on one time you can get with your professors. I really enjoy the social life at Carthage as well.