Carthage College Top Questions

What do you brag about most when you tell your friends about Carthage College?


On that television show Cheers, the theme song describes it as a place "Where everybody knows your name." That's one of the best things about Carthage. Every day, you see people you know, and you have classes with many of the same people for all four years. It's nice to know you're not alone. Our professors are knowledgeable and well-respected in their field, but they're even better human beings. Having people care about you and your grade is a combination that you don't find everywhere.


I would say that I brag about the view the campus provides, and even the campus itself. The campus was one of the many reason why I chose to go to Carthage and I like that each day while walking around campus I get to see why I was lucky to have chosen this school. The campus is on Lake Michagan, and waking up to see the sun rise on the lake is an experience that I am grateful for each day. I know that there are some pretty campuses out there but none are better in my mind.


I brag about the location and the great professors. Our professors are graduates of Ivy league schools so we know that we are receiving the best education.


My school has a beautiful campus because it is right on lake Michigan. Also, I am a member of the cross country and track team so I have the priviledge of being a division 3 college athlete. It doesn't take more than ten minutes to walk to class from my dorm. There are so many cool clubs and activities here and everyone is friendly.


I get to live on Lake Michigan!


I brag about how close the students and teachers are with each other. It is very easy to ask professors for help outside of classes, which most of my friends cannot do. The campus being so small makes it easy to make friends and create networking relationships that can assist one later in life. Being a part of the Varsity Volleyball team, I experience something that isn't only about its current players but representing a bigger program. The alumni of the team support us any chance they have which makes it a very special program.


Most of my professors have the highest degrees in their fields.


When I brag to my friends and urge them to visit me at Carthage the one thing that I always have to mention is how absolutly gorgeous the campus is. The campus is located on Lake Michigan and has a great coast line. Carthage is also classified as an arboretum and has no shortage of beautiful nature spots on campus.


I love to tell my friends about all the performances and auditions I am doing at Carthage. As a Music Theatre major, I want as much as experience as possible with performing and auditioning. My classes are intimate and informative, preparing me with all the necessary fundamentals to have a successful audition. If an audition leads to a performance, big or small, it serves as a great learning experience. Again, the small school can produce a competitive atmoshpere, but as an aspiring performer, that helps prepare you for the professional world.


The professor and isntructors are very approachable and helpful.