Carthage College Top Questions

What kind of person should attend this school?


Potential alumni for Carthage should be prepared and eager to face challenges. Carthage is a Liberal Arts school, and it translates to a few unique experiences in the cirriculum. As a physics major, I never expected to take a class on Plato and Aristotle. I've been in debates challenging the philosophy of goodness, and I never expected to do that. But I think it's those types of classes that separate Carthage grads from many others. People here are taught a new way of thinking, a wa that inspires me to ask many questions.


Anyone who is self-driven and who can dedicate themselves tot ehir studies should attend this school. While the teachers are outstanding - they make tehmselves available to everyone and really try to help their students succeed - there can be no success unless the student actually puts in the time and energy. The classes require students to pay attention and be interactive with other students so anyone who is overly shy would have go push themselves and learn to interact with other. There are all types of students there, but it is not a party school, so be warned.


Carthage is meant for kind-hearted students who prefer a sense of community. The majority of the student population are positive, well-intended students who desire to learn and grow; both professionally and socially. Students who desire to build positive and professional relationships with their professors and prefer small class sizes should look into attending Carthage.


A person who is determined in their pursuit to their career path.


There is no specific type of person who should attend the school. The students vary. They have great personalities, are studious, and have a sense of excelllence in their spirits. The location awesome, right on the banks of Lake Michigan.


Those who excel well at Carthage do a great job connecting with the college community. Those who get invovled in sports, greek life, organizations, clubs, and jobs on campus tend to grow and succeed during college and post-graduation. Also, if you are fond of a close knit community then Carthage is a great fit. It is small enough that close relationships are built with students and faculty, but it is large enough that one will meet new people everyday.




I think that the best type of person to go here would be one who loves the green space Carthage has to offer and doesn't mind a smaller student population, both on campus and in the classroom. If they are interested in traveling, there are many opportunities provided at Carthage to allow them to travel, whether it's for studying, performing, recreation, or volunteer work. The teachers are available to help and love engaging in one-on-one interaction with their students, which allows students to focus and succeed in their classroom objectives.


Carthage does not appeal to just one type or genre of person. Carthage is very diverse and has the student body to show it. All ages, ethnicities, relgious backgrounds, and interests are accepted at Carthage. If I had to narrow it down to a specific quality Carthage looks for in a student I would say that hardworking would be a qualifyer. Carthage is a place for people who want to study and earn their degree.


Someone who is willing to work hard and go to class. You should like to get involved with clubs whether sports, music, art or social!


I believe that any student interested in a college education should attend.


A kind, open-minded, expressive person with a passion for knowledge and adventure should attend Carthage. Carthage is a very welcoming community filled with passionate students in their selected field. There are so many wonderful experiences and opportunities in the given fields as well. While that makes it competitive at times, it provides you with a real-world perspective and preparedness that may be otherwise absent. The small school atmoshpere is perfecting for building relationships and gaining contacts with professional connections. It's a great place for an eager, passionate student.


Awesome! You should be ready to work, but also to have fun. Make friends early and join clubs or sports. But don't forget about school and remain focused. It isn't easy!


Students who attend Carthage should be independent, willing to set boundaries and have strong support systems. They must be dedicated to thier work, resilant and interested in learning for the sake of learning. They must be willing to speak in class, give presentations and challenge themselves. Students in drama, art, and choir will be among friends. Students must be interested in small classes and be willing to expand thier minds.


Someone who wants to feel comfortable and familiar with the people they see everyday. Someone who wants a community, not just a school, would fit great here. If you can handle having to have a professor you might not like for three or four classes but also getting to know the same five to twenty people in your major really well, this is definately the place for you.


Someone who really values a liberal arts degree should attend this school. The variety of classes make it very easy to branch out and try new things. A person who attends this school should also want a small residential campus where it's veery easy to become involved.


A person who enjoys small clas sized and one-on-one interaction with thier professors, all of whom have the highest degrees in thier field. They would also enjoy family-like ties to thier neighbors residing in thier dorm. One would also enjoy numerous social activities and gatherings, along with popular movie showings. The campus is small, so no need to worry about needing a car to get to a class, one only needs two feet and a five-minute window to arrive on time.


The type of person that should attend this school is one that is willing to put into the school work a lot of themselves. Those that put a lot of effort and care into their homework, especially when the work becomes difficult and long to complete, earns more in the long run than those that don't put as much as possible into their work.


One that is interested in expanding there education and wants to meet some amazing people!


Someone who is open-minded but has a good work ethic. Isn't afriaid to go the extra mile and to get to know other people even if they are not your ethnicity or the same religion. Be honest when it comes to who you are. Don't be ashamed is you dont have a major right away. Just stay confident and keep positive poeple around you.


The kind of person who liked high school but wants something more challenging. The campus and classes have a very personal and open feel, similar to high school.


Someone who enjoys smaller classes of about 20 or less and likes the possibility of help from a professor whenever needed would do very well at Carthage. Participation is very important at Carthage so if you are one who always has something to say, you would thrive here. Someone who is also interested in a smaller sized campus would enjoy Carthage.


The people that should attend this school should be financially stable. They should enjoy knowing the professor and small classes. The students should enjoy nature because the school is located right on the lake and there is a beach just a short walk. Outgoing, exciting, social, and open-minded.


You have to be happy with a smaller student population. When you go places, you are going to see someone you know everywhere. This allowed me to form lasting relationships with people. You are not just a "nobody".


A person that is open minded and driven.


I believe that anymore can make their way and find a place they "click" at Carthage. Anyone who is willing to learn and recieve a great education while finding a group of friends to make the college experience even better, would fit right in. There are many activities that play a major part in the lives of students through clubs, ranging from athletics to music and fine art programs. I truely believe that college is what you make of it, and if you come in looking forward to the experience, the four years will fly by with great experiences.


A highly motivated person and also one that is eager to learn and further their education should attend this college. Whatever someone puts into their learning, they can only get more out of it at this school.


The person that should attend this school is someone who has a lot of school spirit and loves to do school related activities. Carthage is a very small school where almost all of the activities going on around on campus are school related. The person should really love the small town environments and enjoy having a small, close-knit group of friends for the next four years. The campus is located right on Lake Michigan and provides a calming atmosphere. All of these aspects make Carthage a great place to learn, which is the most important thing right?


Although Carthage College is an excellent place for one to pursue a further education, I feel that it is not for everyone. People who are looking for a small school with a lot of one on one time with teachers would find Carthage to be extremely comfortable and beneficial to their education. However, someone who is looking for a big city experience with large class numbers might not find Carthage to be a desirable place to go to school.


Carthage College is a good fit for students with a variety of interests and who are motivated and willing to work hard to excel in any of the academic programs offered. People who learn well in small group settings and one-on-one interactions with professors rather than large lecture halls should attend this school.


I believe that any person would fit in excellently at Carthage. It is a liberal arts school, so those seeking a higher education in any kind of artistic environment would certainly benefit the most.


Carthage is a great school to attend if you know you will succeed in a small school setting. Carthage is about the same size as my high school. Some people are intimidated by large classes, but here at Carthage, most freshmen classes have less than 25 students, and that number decreases as classes get more specific to a student's major.


Northern Arizona University is a school for every type of peron. There is a friendly atmosphere and endless potential for opportunity as long a youre willing to take advantage of them


Carthage is the type of place that would be good for someone who likes and is used to small schools, just based on it's size. It's location is perfect for Chicagoans who want to be far enough away that parent's can't constantly visit, bust still close to home. As for academically, I'd say that you would attend if you are looking for a challange, but not too large of one.


A person who attends this school should be very career driven and focused on doing their best. They should be organized and willing to learn in different ways. They should be able to adopt to the teaching styles of their teachers with ease. They should also be friendly and wanting to meet new people. They should care about their environment, and do what is necessarry to protect it. They should have a strong sense of their heritage and where they came from and also be understanding of others, and their home situations.


The type of person that should attend this college is a person who wants to succeed in life and willing to put in extra effort in order to succeed.


You should only attend this school if you are ready to succeed and tired of living beneath your potential!


The kind of student that should attend Carthage College is the kind of student who enjoys a smaller school, diversity in races, classes, and weather. Also, they should enjoy being involved because, it is very difficult to attend this college and not want to, or somehow end up joining some sort of club, team, or activity.


This is a great college for students who enjoy learning as well as a friendly atmosphere. The professors are extremely helpful and eager to assist students to the best of their ability. The atmosphere and location of the college is inviting and a relaxing place to be. Students will find themselves drawn to the beauty of Lake Michigan. Students who are hoping to spend the majority of their time at parties will not see Carthage as the appropriate college.


The kind of person who enjoys a beautiful campus and a small school of 2,500 students. Also, students who are very involved in athletics fit in well at Carthage because the majority of students here are involved in athletics. At Carthage there is a great theater and music program and people with these interests would enjoy this college experience. Students interested in teaching, science, business, and mathematics should attend Carthage College because of the classes and programs and studies offered.


I believe that any person who enjoys a relaxed campus setting and likes smaller sized classrooms would enjoy going to Carthage. Carthage student's are mostly down-to-earth, and are willing to make friends with everyone on campus. So if the person likes to make friends not only with other students but also develop friendships with their professors, Carthage would be a perfect choice.


I think a person who wants to get a good education and has a religious background would like this school.


A drunk, self-involved Republican with rich parents and no real need to choose a profession for his or herself because parents will take care of it.


A person who is open to alot of random changes. Someone who is very accepting of others. Someone who takes their schooling seriously.


This school is a lot like a larger high school. Everyone knows each other. The small size is nice for the people that liked high school, but not good for people who want a big school to attend. Someone who comes here should want a small campus similar to a community, where the students and faculty have a good relationship.


A person who is looking for professors who think of you as a person rather than a number. A person that is looking for a good balance between a social life and an academic life. Someone who has pride for their school and likes to attend sporting events. We also have a good music, theater, and art program. The campus is beautiful and it is not too big or not to small. There is never a time when you feel unsafe. Carthage offers a great college experience.