Carthage College Top Questions

What's the one thing you wish someone had told you about freshman year?


I wish I would have known exactly how cold the winter would get. The lake brings a lot of different weather to the school, which would be different if you went to a school that is located further from the lake. There are no underground tunnels so there is no escape from the wind, but if you can get past the cold weather you will realize that the school is quite great.


If I could talk to my younger self, I would reassure past me that college was going to be far more than what I had previously hoped for. A family of friends that were smart and caring would be found, classes would be far more intellectually stimulating than I thought, and that my professors would be there to help me through it all. I would have a far better grip on my life than I would've ever thought possible, and that all of the stresses of college would eventually dissipate.


I wish I had realized how much it would cost to go to Carthage. The tuition keeps increasing so it gets increasingly difficult to afford as the years go on.


I wish I had known that there is no on-campus nurse or doctor. One must travel to the hospital to even receive any sort of medical care. I know of other schools that have a full-time nurse at their schools and they can get cough drops, STD testing, and also referals for more advanced care. Carthage does not have a nurse so a student better not get sick because it will automatically cost $50 to go to the hospital, even if they cannot help you.


I wish that others would have emphasized getting involved before and during the beginning of my college career. There are several opportunities for growth and enrichment depending on your own personal interests. The quicker one gets invovled, the greater the satisfaction they will recieve during their education. It will help them excel in every facet of college life.


I wish I had known more about the Western Heritage program because I was not sure what it was. It is a core class that involves literature, philosophy, and more.


I wish I would have known how far away stores and restaurants in the town of Kenosha were from Campus. I transferred, so I also wish I would have known to check if my credits would transfer since some of them did not.


The school did a pretty good job of preparing me for what to expect once I got here. When taking a tour of the campus, the student who guided me on the tour did a great job of telling me how on campus life is. I guess the one thing I wasn't fully aware of is how many intramural activities they offer at night so I could have been involved in them earlier.


That it would actually be the best four years of my life. lots of work, but tons of fun, totally worth it. Dont be negative coming into the school.


The schedule is very time consuming, which I suppose is expected at a traditional college, but as an adult learner living off of campus it is not possible to have a full time job while attending school full time. The night classes are only available for certain programs, and targeted to adults. My program of study is not offered in the evening, and it is difficult to arrange for childcare or work when my classes are so frequent.


Before coming to Carthage College, I wish I would have known how underpreparred I would be for this new experience. High school was a breeze for me, and I never really studied much. I wish that I would've really focused on learning how to study prior to coming to Carthage College. By knowing that I would've needed to study a lot during college, I would have definitely changed my way of learning throughout high school, and focused more studying and comprehending better. This would've definitely preparred me for my future years of college.



I wish, before I came to this school how truly close the professors are with the students. Even with just one semester under my belt, I have really great relationships with my professors. I have even been offered some awesome opportunities by a few. If I would have known that about the professors beforehand I think I would have made my decision so much sooner.


That the food in the cafeteria seems to get worse and worse however it is liveable and there are many options. Also their online grade system needs to be changed or worked on because we can't access much just yet.


How few places there are to eat, and how terrible their hours can be.


I wish I had known how much tuition would increase every year but also how much was included in my tuition like health insurance, visits to the nurse, admission to activities, etc. I wish I had known how much AP credits boost you up in terms of getting to register for classes first.


I wish I had known that I don't need to take Calculus the first semester, then I could have brushed up on my Pre-Cal and gotten an A.


The food options at this school are somewhat disappointing, but a small sacrifice overall for being at such a wonderful campus.


Carthage is very good about giving students all the information needed and I wasn't surprised by anything when I started.


That courses are way different then high school courses.


I wish I had effectively learned how to study during high school. I had always coasted through and never had to really try in any classes, as I had no AP classes offered by my school. When I came to Carthage everything was so different and the adjustment wasn't easy.


I wish I had known how difficult it would be without a car on this campus.


Nothing really


I wish I had known how inconvenient it was to get groceries and to go anywhere off campus unless you had a car. And if you have a car, it's expensive to park and parking is VERY limited. I also wish I had known about the lack of internships available at Carthage itself.


I wish I would have known easy it was to talk to professors about your future. I always believed that they were only there to teach you, nothing more. What I found out my freshman year of college was that they are there as an extra resource for building your resume and holding mock interviews. They can also write letters of recommendation and introduce you to various graduate schools. Professors hold a misleading title; I wish I would have known how helpful they were from the start so I could have built my network earlier.


I wish I had known about the lake affect before I came. It is freezing in the winter.


That everything costs!


There isn't anything I wish I would of known.


Before I came to college, I believe I would have known more about the activities and social life. At the beginning of the year, an organizational fair was held to help students find things that interest them, and this helped in finding fun and educational programs to make it better. I also wish I would have known more about the classes I was taking and what would be expected out of them.


I wish I knew how boring it would be. I also wish I would have known how unfair and advantageous the student policies are. If I had known these things I would not have attended. Academically the school is very good, in other arenas--not so much.


I had already known about the school because it is in the same city of which I graduated from high school. Before I went to college I wish I would have taken more college prepratory classes.


I wish I would have known that many classes aren't more focused on discussion because I've discovered that's the way in which I learn the most. I find myself much more interested in the learning process when other people contribute what they think or their views on a various topic. I also wish that I was aware of my options of developing my own major. I wasn't aware of this option until this year, however, I found that there is still time for me to structure my own major.


I feel coming into this school that I was well-prepared for what I was about to face. All of the faculty and administrative personnel that I dealt with before transferring to Carthage College were very helpful and made my transition into this school easy. The one thing I wish I knew more about before coming to Carthage would have to be scholarship opportunities and what I would need to do in order to receive more financial aid.


I wish I had known how many students attended this school from the close and surrounding areas. Many students go home for weekends which is difficult for a student like me, who came from a much longer distance away. Also, I'd like to have known the personalities and conscientiousnesses as well as community involvement aspects. The area seems to have a much different and harsher culture than what I came from.


That I should not be afraid to go out and meet new people, or to put myself out on a limb in terms of trying to make new friends or anything like that, just to be myself and to go out there and meet people!


I wish I had known that it was a better deal to buy your textbooks online instead of the on campus bookstore.


I wish I would have known how windy it was because it can get very cold. I also wish that I would havre known the psychology department was more research based instead if counseling based.


I wish I would have been made more aware of how Carthage really operates. One thing they tell new students is that Carthage is a dry campus, after becoming a resident assisant, I learned that was not entirely the case. This clearly was a lie and there have been other instances where they are not completely honest with the students and I found this to be extremely frustrating.


Before coming to this school, I would have like to have been more informed on the religious life on this campus. I feel that I was falsely informed to the extent of how much activity there actually is.


It is so difficult it is to actually register for a required class. Registration is proritized based on GPA and year in school. For example, the older you are the earlier you register, and the better in school you do, the earlier you register. So by the time my turn comes around, all the classes I need to take are full. Even after e-mailing teachers about making more space, I usually don't get added to the course. I really cannot afford to take any extra years of school because classes were NOT available to me on time.


It's really cold in the winter. We're right on Lake Michigan, so it is really really really REALLY cold.


I wish that I had known how much money I would need per year.


When I came to this school, I knew alot about it because I had my own mentor who was a friend of mine telling mea bout the school. I would have liked, however, to know more about the faculty in certain areas and how they actually worked.