Catholic University of America Top Questions

Describe the students at your school.


The students in the accelerated program are very motivated as we have all had at least one bachelors degree previously. I believe that because we've had work and academic experience that the students in the program are very determined to do well in the career path they've decided to follow.


they are very friendly, get along with everyone and are very creative


Being that we are in a city filled with decsion making, country pride, and big personalities, CUA has a wide variety of people that roam campus each day. Students come from all over the country so there would be a wide variety of outfits and style selections. One thing for sure is that, Saturday and Sunday in the Pryz (Student Union), everyone is in sweats. Being that our school is small, seeing and meeting people you don't know is inevitable. The fact that the office of campus activies is home to more than 100 clubs and organziations, students with many interests tend to flock to our school. Political activism is big on campus because Politics is one of the most popular majors on campus and because we are located in Washington DC. Being that we are the Catholic University of America, the religious aspect is strong, but if you never want to participate in religious events, you don't have to. We do however, stand by our Catholic faith and its teachings. Many would think that our school is very conservative to the students, but the College Democrats are just as popular as the College Republicans. The school, although similar in socio-economic background and economic status, does provide many different opportunities to learn about culture, both in the classroom and outside of the classroom as well. Admissions does a great job at providing a wide range of student dynamic each year.


Most of the students at CUA are upper middle class, some being quite religious as well. It is not incredibly diverse in terms of race, primarily white catholic kids. A lot of them are plitically active, going to the city for protests or rallies. Most students come from the east coast, whether it be from Philadelphia or Boston. There are, however, a few kids from California or Florida as well. It is no secret that a lot of the students are rich, with quite a few BMW's, Mercedes', and Range Rovers parked around campus.


Depending on what courses you take, the students at CUA are just like any other schools students. Most of the students are from the North East coast so a lot of kids are coming in from New York, New Jersey, Connecticut, Massachusetts, and Philadelphia


While the acceptance rate is very high which leads to some unworthy students being admitted, the majority of studetns are motivated and smart. The vast majority of students come from middle to middle-upper class families. There is not a lot of diversity; however, the University has taken steps to improve this--in the past few years more African-America, Hispanic, and East Asian students have been admitted. The school is just big enough that you don't know everyone or their business, but you know enough people to interact with people of tremendously different backgrounds. Obviously with a strong religious and Catholic community, the University does not have an official LGBT organization or resource center which means fewer students identify as LGBT. However, like myself, those who are out are accepted and treated just like anyone else. Conclusively, the majority of students are well inclined to partying on weekends.


Most of them nice, but a lot seem to not care about the quality of any subject. They are complainers.


My classmates are hard-working and involved in school activities, but they find a healthy balance between work and play.


My classmates were generally easy to get along with and helpful if I wanted to study, compare notes, etc.


My classmates are a passionate group of people who dedicate their time to the different organizations on campus to help better serve the student population and also give back to the community around us while pursuing their academic goals.


Pretty much all irish catholic. No diversity whatsoever, and the amount of racism towards minority students and african americans in the surrounding city is startling. If you're a meathead or a slutty girl good place for you.


Those in humanities majors were very motivated; those in career-oriented majors were not.


My clasmmates are extremly diverse. Many are academically focused, while others are still struggling to find their way with what they want from their degree. Academic advising is great for those who seek it.


A majority of male students are "bros" and jocks, extremely close minded with only sports, parties, alcohol, and having sex on their minds and studies are at the bottom of the totem pole as far as responisibilities are concerned and many of the girls are quite stuck up and usually come from money and regardless of your social standing, they are mean, gossips, and feel similarly about drinking and parties as the men do.


My classmates are focused and hard-working in this field of nursing, but at the same time, we are close-knit and like to work together; we're like a family!


They are the best friends I will ever have.


ALL THE SAME - polo wearing, binge drinking kids from Jersey.


they are very driven to do well


Fun, and crazy, yet diligent and focused driven


Some are very accepting and understanding, but most are closed-minded and not willing to compromise on anything.


Tend to be white, middle to upper-middle class people whose parents pay the majority of expenses, but are very kind and giving people despite it.