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CUA was so much more uniqure than other schools that I considered due to the fact that it is so welcoming. There is a strong sense of community here.


It combines the entertainment of a city with the peacefulness of a suburban campus. The staff is incredibly friendly and helpful, from your professors to the crew that cleans the dorms, everyone is there to help you.


Religious Education


Really Catholic.


Outside my window I view the majestic Basilica of the National Shrine of the Immaculate Conception, the largest Catholic Church in the United States and live on the largest college campus, 193 acres, in Washington, D.C. Examine the heart of the nation?s capital politically, socially, educationally, culturally and professionally by reading books or traveling the metrorail, a stop across from campus, learning about the rich culture and history of America. Our fortuity to visit the many memorials, monuments, Capitol Hill, Library of Congress, Union Station is such a privilege and unique opportunity all less than 10 minutes away.


Catholic University of America is a school for those looking for a more personal working relationship with their professors. Class size is not large and so your professors will know you by name and not by a number! If you are looking for a school located in an area close enough for interships, social activities, easy transportation to and from, this is the school to choose. The campus is beautiful, clean, and makes any student feel right at home. There is a deep respect for all students, their opinions and beliefs. A division lll school, sports is fun and duable!!


If you didn't study in highschool or scored poorly on your SATs or ACTs this is a sure safety school. I'd use Catholic as a time to boost your GPA with the easy classes and transfer to a better school with more recognition and better academics.


There is wonderful friendships built as well as support from both Resident Assistants, Resident Ministers and professional staff. The religious base can be a really wonderful dimension to college life but is not a pressure put on students. The beatiful campus really is a plus and the Basilica of the National Shrine of the Immaculate Conception is right on campus. Also, the urban surrounding gives you something to do at any time. The Metro system is also really useful and accessible.


Strong sense of community




Small school in the middle of DC, with the biggest church in North America on campus.


The administration is quite disorganized and power hungry and is not working in the best interest of their students, rather, the student body is babied and micromanaged to a point that students feel less like adults and more like children controlled by a strict parent.


The students form a close and friendly community. Everyone is welcoming and friendly. Oftentimes, students find themselves taking many classes with the same students. Study groups are often formed, and everyone learns well together.


Largest number of hypocrites I've ever seen. CUA is comprised of homosexuals who hate homosexuality, social-justice types who go to starbucks every day, "greens" who eat everything out of styrofoam, and "conservatives" who embrace pop culture and other corporate garbage.


Environmentally, academically and socially freindly campus.


What's unique about my school is that it's friendlier then most, it has just the right amount of competitiveness. Everyone helps one another and aren't looking to get ahead of the other.


Arch program is amazing.


not much.


It's mostly Catholic, and as I'm an atheist, it was a BAD choice, there is no understanding of anyone other than Catholics here.