Catholic University of America Top Questions

What are the most popular student activities/groups?


The most popular student activities and groups on campus are religiously affiliated groups. There are also many political groups at Catholic.


The main campus groups are Campus Ministry, CenterStage Theatre Company, and College Democrats and Republicans. I am the President of CenterStage Theatre Company which provides theatre show and professional masterclasses for the whole student body. We draw arguably the largest crowds for a student organization. Catholic has sports teams but it's mostly an excuse to drink. People party on Mondays, Thursdays, and the weekends. Tuesday and Wednesday are pretty tame, but you can go into the city. Saturday nights that don't involve drinking have a lot of possibility. Going to a free concert, the monuments, a movie, another school, DC is full of great surf to do. Frats and sororities basically do not exist and last weekend I partied at night and worked during the day!


CUA is known for its students that are active in the community, whether it be supporting a local political candidate on campaign trips, feeding the homeless, tutoring in the schools, playing sports, or preforming a play or musical. The campus comes together for major holidays and events. Homecoming (HoCo) each year, is very popular for current students and alumni. It is a week of celebration, that ends at the Saturday football game. Our sporting events are popular, especially when you know the athletes that are playing, which is unique to our school. Many other places, the athletes are unattainable, here they are the people in your classes or the people that live in your dorm. On the weekends, many students go downtown for various reasons. Being that DC is a college town, there is never a shortage of things to do. There are many organizations on campus that plan events that are alternates to drinking. Friday Nights with the House and Saturdays with Residence/Housing/RA's, include events that take people downtown and bring people/activies to campus too. There is also Program Board, that is an organization on campus that plans events for both the individual classes and the university as a whole. If a person wanted to go out however, there are many places in DC that are historically cool places for CUA students to go. Many of which are 18 to enter 21 to drink, which balances the community and does not exclude those underage. The people and activities at CUA are traditional but also vary as well.


There are many groups students are a part of here at The Catholic University of America. Many are involved with Campus Ministry, which plans many service trips and makes the school a better place. There are many sports teams to be a part of as well. Another huge organization is Program Board, which plans the activities for the school, such as our festivals in the Fall and the Spring. I am the President of Best Buddies on this campus! Best Buddies is an organization that pairs students with people with intellectual and physical disabilities. We host our buddies once a month and do many fun activities with them! On the topic of my closest friends, I met them in the dorm I lived in my Freshman year. We all randomly met and became close throughout the year. Some of us are split up dorm-wise this year, but we try to remain close. We go off campus a lot to areas like Chinatown and DuPont to enjoy dinner together.


Not the ones where you drink and what not, but the political ones! College Democrats and College Republicans are the largest organizations on campus and put together some of the best programming. As a school in Washington, DC, speakers on campus and off-campus are much more high-profiled. A lot of close friendships are made by joining these organizations, but you will also find your closest friends within the first few weeks of freshman orientation. Off-campus, the opportunies are many and DC nightlife is much better for those under 21 than those available in other cities. If you get involved, you will find it very easy to have a good time in the nation's capital!


There is no school pride, and as a division III school the sports don't get much recognition. Drinking is big, trashy bars like brothers and UMD's turtle are big. Sports houses throw parties sometimes but its nothing more than a few kegs.