Catholic University of America Top Questions

What is the stereotype of students at your school? Is this stereotype accurate?


The stereotype of the students at Catholic University of America is that most of the students are very religious or sheltered. I do not believe that this stereotype necessary blankets the entire campus but I do believe that because Catholic University is a private religiously affiliated institution that many students may have applied for that particular reason.


Its true... there are many religious students at Catholic University and the school does require each student to take a certain number of theology and philosophy classes. Yet, with a large religious population comes a somewhat healthy party scene. You just have to know that there are some hyper-religious haters who give you a dirty look on your walk of shame.


If someone were to ask what the stereotype of students would be at CUA, I would say that there would be no specific stereotype because we have a wide variety of students that attend our school. There are many people from all over the country that tend to hold their own stereotypes of their own state and community but when everyone is on campus and around DC, there seems to be much diversity.


The major stereotype at The Catholic University of America is a white person from an upper-middle class family. The average person here is also from the East coast (primarily NY, NJ, or PA). There is also a high percentage of very religious people, most likely due to the name of our school.


I would say the stereotype of Catholic is that all the students are incredibly religious, being that it is The Catholic University of America. There are definitely students like that, but it in no way describes the entire student body. Most everyone is just the same as those that go to a public school


Despite the name of the school, CUA has wide range of students that have different religious beliefs. Coming into CUA as a freshman, I thought that since it was The Catholic University Of America that every student would be fundamentalist and very religious but generally, this is not the case.


All the same drama. All the same rich snobby white kids. All pretending to be Catholic. Many apply such stereotypes to students attending The Catholic University of America. However, these are generalizations that hold no weight. For the most part, CUA is a tight-knit community with opportunities on and off campus. While there are some pretentious white kids, most students are kind, fun, intelligent and personable. CUA has had a known diversity problem, but in recent years the demographics have begun changing! Finally, most student indentify as Catholic--a strong majority attend church regularly, others hold onto the faith aspect, and others don't care to practice their faith or don't identify with a faith at all. For the most part, you aren't scorned or looked down upon for how you practice or don't practice for that matter.