Catholic University of America Top Questions

What's unique about your campus?


Most of the students, faculty, and staff are genuinely good people who go out of their way to help others. There are always volunteer opportunities available for students and staff!


The best thing about Catholic University is the fact that the campus has a rural feel, while being in the middle of the city When you are on campus ypu can focus on the academics. You can find a nice patch of grass under a tree, and read a book or lay on a blanket. If you want something a little more exciting, you have the city just a few feet away. You can go downtown grab some dinner and catch a movie or go dancing. There is a little of everything for everybody.


The best thing that i consider about my school are the friends that i meant here and the classes that i attend.


the community


It is small enough that you can always seen someone you know, but large enough that you don't always see the same people over and over agin.


The academic lifestyle and the overall architeture.


The best thing about Catholic is its location. There is no reason for anyone to ever say that they're bored as there is SO much to do!


The best thing about CUA is the community; its fostered from orientation and built in the dorms and classrooms.


The location. I love being in Washington DC. And the Architecture program is amazing.


Location definately is the best thing at my school being in the middle of the city provides many oppurtunities


Its location. The city of Washington D.C. has a lot to offer and I can always find something new to do!


I love that my school is located in Washington DC and still is able to have an actual campus that is metro accessable!


The location is one of the very good things that can be attributed to Catholic, but it is the only benefit I can think of.