Cedar Crest College Top Questions

Describe the students at your school.


CCC classmates are energetic and understanding.


My classmates are strong, unique and hardworking women.


My classmates are sometimes hard to get along with, but if you look hard enough and reach out to people they are very willing to help you with whatever you may need to succeed at Cedar Crest.


Very Stuck up


My classmates are all very involved in campus life as well as their studies.


They are accepting and willing to work together to learn the material in class.


Always encouraging. I was very shy when I came to CCC, and the fact that other students helped me get involved really built my confidence. I felt at home at Cedar Crest.


All girls


They usually make me feel comfortable expresssing my opinion.


They are all women who tend to be very diverse. Their interests vary greatly, but they are very intelligent and very kinda. Most of them will help you whenever you need it.


My class is a diverse group of women all with different tallents and abilities.


My classmates are extremely liberal, while I am very conservative. That's something that I struggle with sometimes, but they're friendly and fun to talk to. I've made some good friends who i will hopefully remain close to for many years to come. My classmates are intelligent, and they really want to succeed and do well. They are good leaders who are self-confident and want to make a difference in the world.


They are very serious about they classes


My classmates are great! They vary in ages (we have a large population of Life Long Learning) and so there is always a new perspective to discuss!


They are an intellectual bunch of people, for the most part. Freshmen at this school get weeded out if they can't handle the heat. While it's not an impossible school to get into, the classes and workload do become difficult--and quickly. If a student is not prepared, then they do not succeed at this college. Other than that, my classmates are generally an intellectual group of individual people who are incredible overacheivers, striving to get the best out of their lives and college expereince.

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