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They are a very up to date with technology for their nursing students. The college teaches and tests its nursing students from the very beginning just like the NCLEX exam. So when taking the test to get their license after graduation the students know what to expect. Cedar Crest College has a pass rate of almost 93% for the NCLEX which is a very high rate. I turned down scholarships from other colleges to go here because they are rated so high.


The classes are smaller and more one on one. All the other schools I looked at had huge classes. Campus security is also pretty chill to talk to. They give us advice on what to do in a zombie appocolypse.


My college is located on a very small arboretum, which makes the surrounding area just beautiful. It is also near the city of Allentown and about 2 hours drive from Philadelphia. The faculty in the science program are wonderful and are very interested in making sure that you do well throughout your college career.


Compared to other schools, Cedar Crest's most unique feature is its all-female student body. The only other school I looked at is West Chester University, which is not a women-only college. Academicly, Cedar Crest's most unique feature is its amazing forensic science program.


We are a small women's college that is very research and science oriented.


Private womens college allowing for a great oppertunity to be involved in many different activities.


small friendly setting. professors really care, often going out of their way to make things easier and more understandable and interesting for their students. professors make a point to get to know their students and help them. friendly environment between studnets, especially between new students and the older students


the population at my school is mainly girls with a few guys, but guys cannot be given residential housing....our school also has a lot of color in the sexual orientation area

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