Cedar Crest College Top Questions

What do you consider the worst thing about your school? Why?


There is a limited availability of courses that are required and the student professor ratio is too great.


One thing that has frustrated me recently, as an appoarching graduate is the disconnectedness of some of the members of the board with the students of the school that they are administrating over. Some of them have no idea what we want or want us to be interested in other areas so that they can feel better about the institution.


Cedar Crest is an amazing school so it is hard to find something negative about their nursing program. I am aware that some student dont like the self taught way of many of the nursing classes. Most classes require you to teach yourself the knowledge that is required to pass the course instead of a professor taking the time to teach the material personally.


The school is disorganized, pricey, dead on weekends, too focused on the sciences, and filled with feminine drama.


The semi-isolation from the surrounding community. There's a slight lack of vibrancy I know is possible if not for the suburban environment.


It is a little small so you get to know people really quickly and news travels fast.


The credit overload policy. Though they claim that research doesn't count, it does.


I don't really consider anything about Cedar Crest to be its worst feature.


The lack of attention to studio arts. I'm an Art Major and would love to have more options available.


It is an all girls school, and if more men would attend Cedar Crest it would create a more diverse environment.


The worst thing about my school is the tuition rate. There is too different tuition rates for students. If you are a traditional student, which is someone who has been out of high school for less than 4 years, then you have a higher tuition rate than if you were a lifelong learner student, which is someone who has been out of high school for more than 4 years. II think it should be one equal rate.


The worst thing about Cedar Crest College is how much you miss being on campus during vacations. At Cedar Crest College the students bond quickly and tightly, as well as with the faculty and staff (including security). So when we are all forced to leave for any period of time, we desperately ache to return. At Cedar Crest College we are family.

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