Cedar Crest College Top Questions

What kind of person should not attend this school?


Someone that is looking for a social life.


Cedar Crest is a small, quiet school. Any individual who is attending college with the intent to party should not attend this school. It is study based and the students really treasure their education opportunity. If you wish to enjoy the party aspect of college, you may want to choose a school with a larger campus and that is co-ed.


I don't believe anyone should be excluded to any school. That would be bias and unethical.


Male interested in anything other than nursing, nuclear medicine, and neuroscience.


Anyone who is conservative, poor, male, lazy, partygoer, drunk, careless, or environmentally unfriendly should not attend.


Well that is not a good question because anybody should attend this school, but if i have to choose it would be people that don't intend to get into a liberal arts college.


Someone who is serious about there education and willing to put a lot of effort in but ready to gain a lot of knowledge.




Narrow minded individuals, those who prefer a larger student body, anti social individuals, those who are wild and reckless, heavy drinkers, those who don't enjoy the company of others or meeting new people. Cedar Crest College is well suited for most people.


A closed minded person, one who does not understand gays and lesbians.


someone who doesn't want to go to class, teachers get to know you and will know if you aren't in class and your grades will reflect it. someone who needs to be at a school that is big on partying.

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