Central Arizona College Top Questions

What is your overall opinion of this school?


I really do like this school. It allows me both online and in school classes. When I need help I am able to get with advisers, professors, and financial aid personnel. I have helped my daughter with her school financial aid and it really is a pain. When you call in you are sent to a call center and they have 6 other schools they work with. The only way to get any help there is to stand in line for hours and finally talk to someone from that school...I am able to speak to my school directly. I have personal lines for the proper people, and they get back to me like they say they will. They have much to offer every time I log into my blackboard I see a new event that has been scheduled. When I am not near the college and I have a midterm or final I am able to have it proctored at a local college where I am at...I love it. Barbara Steele