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What should every freshman at your school know before they start?


Don't think that if you fill out scholarships you won't recieve them. All because you have a very bad self-esteem issue doesn't mean schools don't want you to be part of their alumni. Start now and never give up filling out scholarships because sooner or later, someone will see how hard your working and they will be willing to help you. you may have a 2 year scholarship to CAC already, but keep applying for scholarships because you will definately need the money. Right now you are already in debt $13,000 to student loans and the amount only gets bigger. Try your hardest to get other people or foundations to pay for your college like scholarships and grants so that you can graduate, get a great job, and help another in need later on down the road instead of being 50 and having to still deffer your loans so that you can pay the rent on your house. Keep doing your best and never give up, you have finished 85{4a082faed443b016e84c6ea63012b481c58f64867aa2dc62fff66e22ad7dff6c} of 2 degrees in a matter of 18 months, you can do anything if you keep your mind right.


If I could go back in time and talk to myself as a high school senior I would have a lot to say. I would tell myelf that grades really do matter and that although high school is rather easy to take it serously. It can really change the rest of your life. Slacking off in school will lower your chances of getting scholarships and that will really hurt you in the long run. The other thing I would tell my high school self would be "Apply for Scholarships!" I had a blast my senior year, but I definitely could have completed many more scholarhips. This is my biggest regret, I didn't realize until it was almost too late that college is expensive and scholarhips are the best thing you could invest your time into, especially when you have almost nothing else in the world to worry about.


making efort to get good credits to attend college


Stick to your studies because a 4.0 GPA really pays off. Also go meet new people college is the time to broaden your horizons.


If I went back in time and had a chance to talk to myself as a senior, I would encourage myself to apply for scholarships and colleges. To take advantage of the opportunitys that my high school was offering, because you dont know if your going to have anymore as the time passes you by. You dont want to look back and regreat not taking a chance on something you know would of been great. You ownly get one shot at life so you have to make the best out of everything!


I would tell myself to go to all of the activities and meet as many people as you can. Those are the people focused on studies and might be able to help if you get stuck. Also dont let up on your studies. It pays off to have a good grade point average.


The first thing i would say is congrats you made to your senior year. Only a few months left and your on your way to college. Stay focussed and keep your grades up. You should apply for college as soon as possible, and apply for scolarships before that. Get as many applications out as possible for both. Other than that just dont stress out, pay attention and turn your work in and you will do fine.


The advice i would give myself is not to get to caught up with outside life such as drama. Its ridiculous and will tear you down fast when it comes to your fututre. Dating is just a momentary thing and is of no importance when it comes to your education and your future. It took alot from me i know because i got caught up in my love life that i signed up for classes late which when i finally signed up for classes i didnt get the classes i was hoping to get. And during my classes i did all my assignments at the last minute because i wanted to be with my guy and when we broke up i was caught up with my own drama that i even failed a few classes which i will redue now that i realized my future is more important. The main thing though id focus. Turn in assignments not the day they are due but the day before or days before because it will feeel like like stress and will give you a feeling of ease knowing that you werent close to missing the deadline and failing. Well good luck me.


The advice that I would give myself would be that it's not all fun and games. It takes dedication and drive to make and met the goals you have set. I would say don't let the thought of going to college, beginning your life and being on your own scare you. In the end everything you have worked, everything that you have set your mind to and everything you did will pay off. Don't sit around waiting for something to happen. Get up and explore the college campus. Get to know it before you attend so that you won't be lost in the buildings. Lastly, I would tell myself, Good luck.


If I went back in time to speak with my senior self, I would advise the past me to relax and drop all expectations of what you think college will be, because you really won't know until you take the plunge. Build a relationship with the advisors at the school, as well as your teachers. One of the most important things you must remember is to include yourself in school activities. Finishing homework and studying for tests is very important to college life, but so is meeting new people and finding yourself. Use college to open up and become outgoing. Go after what you want with your head held high and your eyes wide open. There is nothing you can't accomplish when you have the drive to become a better you. If there is one thing that I have learned over the year being out of high school and in college is you learn more and more about who you want to be and what direction you want your life to head in when you take responsibilty for yourself.


I was homeschooled and actually never made it to the 12th grade. I took my GED in the 10th. I blew off school alot between the 7th and 10th grades. I was originally 2 years advanced beyond my age level in school. I could of had a high school diploma and be heading to college by the age of 16. If I could go back in time I would tell myself to get the schoolwork done. I would tell myself all the advantages of not having to work full time and go to school full time. How much nicer and easier it is to be living at home with my parents, not havin to worry about bills or cooking. Education is everything!


There are many pieces of advice I wish I could have had before starting college. The first thing I would tell myself is to research every college & university I was interested in attending, even my local community college. I would suggest taking/auditing a class during my senior year to see if I like the system. I would insist on finishing all core units wherever I ended up no matter what I had decided to study, because interests can change. When you find a class you don't like, persevere it's only a semester. Seek out a classmate that can give a different perspective of the class. Try to find something intriguing about it. Boys are great but don't get to seriously committed to them or anything besides my education and a part time job. Most of all it is ok to have fun now and then, but don't forget to study first so you can really enjoy yourself and let your hair down. Finally find something you love to study and do. Then pursue it with all you?ve got because that?s why you?re going to pull yourself out of bed in the morning.


The advice as college student to myself in high school would be to get more involved with society and not to procrastinate. Also, to be prepared to be in an environment where other people are also trying better their lives. Don't be so dependent on getting help from busy teachers and find other sources of help, like study groups, extra tutoring, and someone else in your class. Another thing that is important is your health, instead of eating microwave dinners, fast food, and junk snacks try to maintain a healthy diet. Even though your schedule may be busy don't forget to do some kind of excercise every day, this will keep you energetic with a healthy heart, and don't forget to get a good amount of sleep. Also, there's no harm in socializing or getting involved in school activities, this is a great way to make new friends and also is a good source of networking. As for studying, it is best that you prepare for an exam a week to two weeks ahead. Most importantly, find a routine that will benefit you so that you won't get over stressed.


If I had the opportunity to go back in time to give myself advice, I would make extreme adjustments. I would first advise myself to pay attention and focus on what is most important for my future. I would also try talking to my counselors more about the choices that were available and suited for me. Wanting to have fun with my friends would take a backseat to the essential tasks pursued. I think looking into college courses a little more would have helped me be better prepared for a transition by facilitating me with vital information about classes and how difficult they would be. As a result, my first semester of college would have been a more comfortable straightforward experience. I now know not to make the same misjudgments as I did in high school with the transition from community college to a university.


I was a parent at a very early age. I was fifteen and my husband was sixteen. Being a freshmen my high school was very understanding along with classmates. My husband now is the father of all four of my children. We have been together since 7th grade and still together. My oldest son and I are fifteen years apart. My husband gave me the greatest gift he could give me, and that was to be a stay at home mom for 13 years. I first went to Central Arizona for my GED. Then started doing the prerequisites for the nursing program. I just got my CNA at Central Arizona, and plan on going there to become an RN. The advice I would give myself is to just go full boar never look back and accomplish my long term goal and that is to be a registered nurse. Central Arizona is a wonderful college to attend and I wouldnt change a thing about my life .


I would have continued with my academic career after graduating from High School opposed to coming back 20+years.