Central College Top Questions

Describe how your school looks to someone who's never seen it.


Central is my home away from home where I am not judged for what I believe in, what I wear, and who I associate with.


Our campus is community based, loyal, educationally sound, and an amazing choice for anyone!


Central College is a liberal arts school with a focus on committment to all of their students to eventually attain a job in their chosen field of study.


Central college is so hands on with the students.


My school is resourceful, green, friendly, and a tight knit family.


Central College is a very active college, over 80 percent of students are either in a sport or in a club sport.


Central College is rich in culture and education, and the people are very friendly, I have only heard good things about the school and the program and being there as a student I enjoy it every day, because the classes are small and I can bond with the professors and students.


Great facilities, professors, opportunities and a way to better yourself.


A friendly, comfortable, reliable enviroment that pushes students, and help students to do their best.


Going green and building long lasting relationships.


My school has much room to improve, but is good for what it is - an academic-based liberal arts college.


I kind, helping staff working on a beautiful campus in a small town in Iowa.


Small -school feel allows everyone to feel in place and most people are well-known around campus.


Central is a small, close knit christian college.


The perfect-sized, friendly campus full of opportunites both in and out of the classroom. Here, we have the ability to do it all - obtain a quality education, participate in extra-curricular activities, and make life-long friends.


Central College is the place where I feel I can become more responsible, and more beneficial to society.


Central has a great atmosphere.


Because Central College is a smaller private University, the atmosphere is more personal and friendly and its goal is to give each student a background in many different areas of experience for their future.


This is a great school where it is very easy to get connected with groups and talk one on one with your professors.


Central College is the perfect school for the individual who wants a high quality academic education while having the chance to explore various areas outside of the traditional classroom.


Central College is one of my favorite places in the whole world.


Central College has given me so many opportunities I otherwise would not have gotten at a larger school such as; study abroad, close relationships with my professors and a very applied education.


A warm welcoming environment, with friendly people and professors.


A tool of learning and empowerment that allows each of us to decide on our own goals and helps us to attain them.


Central College is a liberal arts college that focuses on giving students a well-rounded, excellent college experience.


Central is an amazing place for students to pursue their college degrees, while making lots of friendships that will last forever.


Central College is a small, liberal arts college that really does a great job of giving back: to the community, to its students and to the environment.


Central College is a liberal arts college; I think it's one of the best colleges on the face of the Earth.


My school is very active and everyone is nice here.


Small, pleasant, and friendly, with a surprising amount of opportunites for jobs and a social life for a school of this size.


Central is a small, quiet, friendly school that gives you opportunities to explore many different pathways that interest you, while also providing you with a strong, supportive community of people to help and guide you through your college years.


Central is a close minded school that is stuck in its ways; it has not yet caught up with the rest of the world and shelters any individual wishing to move in to the real world.


A place where everyone is accepted, no matter their background, and you can really feel at home at.