Central College Top Questions

Describe the students at your school.


My classmates were kind and very communicative.


My classmates are welcoming, accepting, helpful, and understanding.


My classmates are just as nevervous as I am for the future. They came to college looking for answers that will help them in life. They want to know what they will be doing, and how long it is going to take them to get there. A college education is still important, because their parents have not given up on them, and it is still a must to impress them. With their parents support, thy are finally learning what it is like to be out in the real word, and it is not as easy as they had originally thought.


My classmates are, for the majority, small-town Iowa residents.


The students here at Central are friendly. The school is small enought that you know everyone in all of your classes, and when you see them somewhere on campus they say hello and call you by name. Even if you aren't best friends with someone, you are still friendly acquaintances.


My classmates are friendly for the most part, most play sports and are nice when they need something.


My classmates at Central College strive for excellence in academics as well as athletics, at the same time they are generally easy going and friendly towards colleagues and faculty members.


My classmates are what you find in most highschools. You do have the social classes, but many do not fit into only one. You can have a football player who likes to sing and do theater. Central College also has a program where they work with the comunity buisnesses to bring none traditional students back to campus. Meaning adults who have been out of college for a while, so you can get there insite as to what the "real world" is like.


My classmates are all very energetic, enthusiasitc, helpful, and cooperative.


Young and full of life.


My classmates are ambitious, competitive, and focused.


younger and less mature than myself.


They're such a diverse group, it's hard to define them in just one sentence, but overall I guess I would describe them as open-minded, motivated students ready to change the world.


My classmates are nice, fairly conservative, people from around Iowa.


They are serious students, but most like to have fun first, and stay up late to do homework. Everyone is really nice. We're one big mix of different personalities and ideas, not just one set type of people.


Most of the students at Central College are ambitious, responsible, faith-centered people who are genuinely friendly and here because they want to be here.


The 2009-2010 freshman class of Central College is quirky, original, hard-working, and filled with talented students who are on their way to extreme success.


I would have to say that my classmates are gracious here at Central, not once have I not felt unwelcomed here.


They are all smart and interested in what they study plus fun to hang out with on the weekends.


For the most part, they're very smart and funny and are willing to help out.


Fun, outgoing, and willing to get to know new people.


My classmates consist of students from a variety of backrounds, most excited to learn, and willing to help eachother out to succeed.


This is an amazing group of diverse students from all over, that I am very glad to have in my occupyment to graduation.


My classmates have inquisitive minds. They are not afraid of asking questions when something is misunderstood. We are all here to be educated.


My classmates are smart, well-mannered, and great contributors and activists in classroom activities.


Goal-oriented, hard working students who are also involved in sports, work and other activities.


Large range of personalities, dreams, academic goals.


There is a variety of personalities on campus and many different characters. Most of my classmates are similar to me but even if they're not, they're all friendly and most everyone would be able to get along with eachother.