Central Connecticut State University Top Questions

What kind of person should not attend Central Connecticut State University?


A person who prefers large classroom settings, such as lecture halls that have over one hundred students in one class, should not go to this school. Because CCSU is a smaller school, the average class size is like that of a high school with around thrity students. This is beneficial for students looking to get more personal attention and assistance from the professor, but a student looking to sit in a large lecture hall would probably feel uncomfortabe with the smaller class sizes at this school.


The type of person that should not attend Central Connecticut State University is a student who does not want to engage in a accelerated program. Also a student who does not prefer a highly populated environment may become discouraged about attending Central Connecticut State University.


The only kind of person whou shouldn't go to this school is someone who doesn't want to be immersed in campus life and be apart of the communuty. While at the same time finding others to help motovate you. Otherwise they would not be benefiting their full potential.


The kind of person who shouldn't attend this school, is one who is not serious about working towards thier education. CCSU as well as any other college should be taken very seriously. College is an extremely important step on your life staircase, and it is definately not one that you should stumble on.


Someone who is looking for an education on a small campus who is intrested in clubs. The majors cover many areas and I think for someone who is undecided or who knows that one of the majors the school offer is what they want.


I think anyone could attend this school if they wanted too. I think anyone who is not going to take school seriously should not waste their money or their parent's money to just party and not succeed in school.


Someone who doesn't want a college degree. Central is a good school for anyone who wants to go to college, unless they waqnt to be a doctor or a lawyer and they have the money to attend that type of college.


someone is who too busy to keep up with the classwork, like I have 2 jobs to support myself and involved in sports so it's very stressful


An average Connecticut resident who graduated from high school is the typical person who would attend Central.


There really isn't any kind of person except a stuck up twat that would not enjoy going to this school.