Central Maine Community College Top Questions

What should every freshman at Central Maine Community College know before they start?


Take it slow. You have time. That is what I would tell myself. When I started applying for colleges last year, I had many expectations of myself. First, I’d enter my preferred major immediately. Secondly, I’d do 4 years of school. And lastly, I’d work during the school year to minimize future loans. None of these things are working out for me. What I have managed to do is to switch majors three times, causing me to need more years to get my degree in graphics. I’ve also managed to overwork myself by trying to take on a 20-hour work week while still going to school full-time. This past month, I’ve realized how crazy my initial expectations were. All I’m doing is stressing over something I shouldn’t. I’m not in college to perform under a timer, I’m here to improve myself. If it takes more time and money than anticipated, it’s okay. So, if I could talk to my past self, I would tell myself this: Take a deep breath. Do what you love. Most importantly: take your time getting to where you want.