Central Methodist University-College of Liberal Arts and Sciences Top Questions

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It is a small tight knit community with caring Faculty and Staff. You're not just another "student number". The people on this campus truly care.


It has small classes, and it's easy to get help academically.


The atmosphere here is amazing and the professors are extremely accomodating. Since we are a small school, we often have some of the same professors all four years of our degree. They get to know you really well and adapt to each student's learning needs. Everyone here is really close and friendly. You can always recognize someone who goes to CMU, on or off campus.


To be honest, the only reason I decided to go to CMU is for the music. The music program was the perfect size, and there were more musical opportunities offered here. I wanted to be apart of it and nothing else. I made the right choice :)


Central Methodist University is unique due to the fact that each student is known by name and not by number. Also, Each student has a chance to get to know their professors, and the professors here are very friendly and helpful. If you dont understand something in your course work go to your professor and they will help you out by explaining the topic and try to get you to help yourself but they guide you through so they know that you understand what they are saying. It is not like larger universitys where you have to do it yourself.


It is the smallest as well as less diverse as the other schools.