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What are the academics like at your school?


Academics here are pretty good. A few of my professors know my name. This is only in small classes. In my lectures, however, even though they don't know my name, my professors are really nice and willing to help if asked. The education I am getting here are CMU is geared towards getting a job after graduation. There are a lot of advisers that are always willing to help you plan your life.


Most of the teachers are great and I can get along with them well.


A lot of my professors dont know my name because I'm in big classes mostly but in the classes under 20 people they do know my name. My favorite class is Community Health adn my least favorite is survey of chemistry. I think that students study a lot, there are always a lot of people in the library or studying around campus. My major is Public Health with a minor in Nutrition. I can't stand the academic requriements, I think that they are a waste of time and money and a lot of the time they are a lot harder than they should be. I dont think that students should be required to take that many classes outside of their major or minor. I think the education at CMU is geared toward getting a job.


Central needs to offer more classes to avoid students from not being able to get into the classes that they need to.


I think that it is ridiculous for a elementary special ed major to not graduate from CMU after four years - it takes almost 5 1/2 - 6 years. By then, you only have a bachelor's degree with about 175-200 credits... it takes only 124 to graduate. At least Central could do is make it quicker to get through the program or offer students to be done with half a major upon graduation.


Professors are professional and few classes are taught by Graduate Assistances. I would say that most students on Central Michigan's campus have intellectual conversations outside of class when approrpiate. Class participation is common in Education classes and university program classes, I do not know what the structure of classes in other majors looks like. Professors are avalible outside of class when needed and are very helpful for the most part. The campus is friendly and that goes for administration as well


Central has amazing academic programs, and every department varies. I am a student within our recreation program and I'd say our professors are the best on campus. They go beyond the call of duty and are there for us as professors and as friends. They support our programs and events we plan and put on, they encourage us to be involved, and they make class fun and interesting to go to.


The most unique class I've had is PES 310. It's Physical Education for the Classroom and I absolutely love it. We are taught how to teach activities and get to perform them every class period. It's fun and beneficial because we are learning how to control a class of hyper students.


Most of my professors know my name. My favorite class is LDR 200G (Intro to Leadership). Dan Gaken is the professor and he's a really intelligent, funny, and open minded guy. He makes the class fun and interactive. Class participation depends on the class really CMU's academic requirements are fine, yet I feel they could lighten up on making us take so many University Program courses. I feel it's a waste of time and they're just making more money off of us. The education here is geared toward getting a job


Most of the professors I have come across here are great, but I do think there are a few here who do not know what they are doing. I stumbled across a teacher this semester unknowingly who has no ideal how to teach a class. She is a professional in the subject matter but has no, absolutely no teaching experience, which has really hurt my grade. She has no ideal how to deliver the material. She reads out of the book to the class, I can't help but feel like I have wasted my money and hurt my GPA. But on the other hand, I have met some of the most charasmatic, energetic, passionate teachers here that I believe I ever will.


The class sizes at CMU are large, but professors, for the most part, try and do their best to be there for their students. They have office hours for student to come ask questions which makes it easy to know professors on a first name basis. Students tend to be competitive when it comes to grades, which may or may not be a good thing depending on the student.


As far as the professors go they have lots of students and for them to remeber you just because you are in their class is not very likely. I find that if a student makes even the slightest effort to go to office hours the teachers are very good at recognizing you later and saying hi. They may not remeber your name at first, but a relationship takes two sides. If the student puts in the effort the teachers will make sure that it reflects positivly on ones grades. Some fields are more competative than other and I seem to find it imperative to see my professors for help. I think the biology department staff and program is awesome: I just wish that the chemestry section was as well organized and fun as the biology. Everything I do helps me prepare for the real world.


Yes, my professors know my name. My favorite class was HSC 214 which was anatomy. Least favorite class was moral problems. I study a lot. Class participation is typically uncommon unless it is dependent upon your grade. No CMU students do not have intellectual convos outside of class. Students are competitive. My most unique class thus far has been my anatomy class. My major is health fitness. I dont spend my much with my prof. outside of class. I dont care for CMUs UP classes. It is geared toward getting a job.


I love the class sizes here. I really try to make sure the professors know my name too.


Many of my professors know my name. My favorite class this semester is ENG 175, and I have a great professor. My least favorite class is Math just because it's not my favorite subject. Many students spend a lot of time studying because they realize that these are the grades that will affect the rest of their lives. The library is always full of people studying in the evenings. Class participation is not always common. I have observed that as the older students get, the less they participate in class. My major is English and I love the variety of classes I get to take. I am also studying to be a teacher and the profs for that dept. are AMAZING.


While I have only experienced two semesters here at Central, I have encountered several professors who truly care about their students and the quality of education they are providing for them. However, there are certain professors who seem to only be here to recieve a paycheck and unfourtanetly, they are the ones who are talked about the most.


I feel like I have not had the chance to really get to know my teachers on a more personal level. I rarely spend time outside of class with my professors. I feel that the academic requirements are a good mix of classes to help you figure what you really want to go into. I feel that the education is geared toward getting a job.


My favorite class is HEV 250. It was a product development class and that is what I want to do for the rest of my life. Least favorite class is GEL 130. I do not like math or science in the least. students study daily. class participation is usually minimal except for those who are truly interested in the material being covered. (which, in U.P. courses is slim) I do not think many students have intellectual conversations outside of class, but who knows? students can be competitive depending on a teachers grading scale. Most unique class taken by myself was HEV 330. It is an internship class that focuses on how you go about getting an internship and what the laws are. It is really interesting. I am going into Apparel Merchandising in the HEV department. the teachers are phenomenal and very helpful. the classes are all really good, as well. I do not spend time with professors outside of class. Occasionally I will have to go to their office hours, but not too often. I do not like the U.P. requirements. It is usually forcing students to take classes they are not interested, resulting in a lower grade and lowering their gpa.


I love that at CMU most class sizes are no larger then 200 but usually 50 or so. That means it is more personal, where teachers try to learn names and you can participate more in class discussion. It is rare that a grad. student teaches so you know you are getting a great education.


Class sizes are small for the most part. The classes I've taken toward my education major have been very good. They are very involved classes where you have to have a lot of participation. Teachers learned my name, even in a lecture sized class. My favorite classes are the ones toward my education major. My least favorite class so far was my sociology class. My teacher was always late to class, and he talked about NOTHING that was relevant to sociology. I think that he was an acception though.


I've had some amazing professors as well as some terrible ones. My major, entrepreneurship is great here, great program, great professors. Education at Central, at least for my major, is definitely geared towards getting a job, as I've learned so much practical information and how it will apply in the work world.


Central Michigan includes a great combination of academic oppurtunities. Graduates are very well-rounded and employable due to the diverse classes students are required to take.


The teachers are all very approachable and willing to help. Classes are challenging. The study abroad program is really good. Scholarships and guidance are given to any student that wants to study abroad. There are always students studying around campus, in the library or in the coffee shops. The graduation advisors and undergraduate services are excellent in helping you figure out your classes and requirements.


I have had a positive experience with almost all my professors here at CMU. They do a good job of knowing students by name. Like I said before as I am also guilty of not studying as much as I could. This is because of the laid back attitude of the entire town certainly not professors fault. The most unique and enjoyable class I had was racial justice through law. My major is sport studies and based out of the health professions building its quite similar to sport management. I have no problem going to professors for help on work. education here is geared towards learning, broadening ones horizon and rounding ones personality.


I feel that the academics are not an accurate transition from high school to college. I know many people, myself included, have had a difficult transition to college classes.


Academics at CMU are up and down. Some professors are amazing while some are awful. Some professors care about how you do and some don't think twice about you as a student. For the most part though, I have had a good academic experience at CMU.


The class sizes have been good, you can get to know your professor and likewise for them. The professors need to fess up when we do not need a book for their class though. I'm sick of hearing that I need a book, and we never touch it. I'm not made of money, I'll own roughly 50K when I'm done.


The smaller class sizes are a much better learning environment.


Professors need to learn more about the students but not point them out so much.


The most unique class that I have taken at CMU is Racial Justice through Law. I was really surprised that a class that sounds so boring could actually be extremely interesting. It was a class where we went over different court cases in regards to racial discrimination and issues in America over the course of history.


I should study more than I do, but I do well in my favorite classes. There are intellectual conversations out of class, but professors are discussed just as much.


Classes are small where professor know my name


While many of the University Program classes can be kind of large because many students want to take the same popular classes. However, once you begin your major your class sizes go way down. After a while you are taking classes with the same people and have the same professors. It is nice when some of the professors start to know your name and know more about you because then they can write letters of recommendation and things like that.


Professors don't I think know my name but I do have a lot of intellectual conversations with my friends- it depends on the people I'm around.


once you get past the freshmen intro classes you get smaller class sizes and you really get to know your professors and they get to know you. once you select your course of study you begin to have the same students in classes and the same professors so they learn who you are and about you and often are the ones writing letters of reccomendation.


One aspect of CMU that I really love is that the professors actually care about their students. I personally know most of my professors and don't mind asking them for help or their opinion. I was actually surprised to see how much college students study here at CMU. I know I personally study at least two hours per day and five out of the week I attend the library. I feel that CMU's academic requirements are attainable, but for the most part I don't like how it is set up. There are a few required classes that I personally believe just waste time and money. But for the most part, classes at CMU are interesting and most students seem to apply themselves and enjoy what they are doing.


there is a good variety of class to take that would interest many students. it makes your major and minor class fun.


I've had some pretty interesting classes since I've been at CMU. Some of my favorites include Audio Production, Video Production, Interpretive Reading and Appreciation of Art. Students aren't necessarily competitive with one another but more internally competitive. Most students strive to get a high mark in the majority of their classes, especially core classes for their majors and degree requirements. The only beef I have with Central is the fact that you can only take a certain amount of elective hours within your major. After that certain amount any elective credits you take involving your major will not count towards your final degree credit hours. I know this is a way to ensure that students get a rounded education but I personally believe that the required University Programs establish that rounded education sufficiently.


It is hard to talk about academics because I think you get the most experience when you are taking classes that go towards your major. As of right now though I do enjoy the classes. I have not personally had the chance to get to know my professors though.


I love Central's academics. Almost all of my classes are small and personable. The most unique class i have taken is the ASL 100 Deaf Culture. It really opened my eyes to the life of a deaf person and the struggles they go through. My major is Communication Disorders. One downfall that Central has is with this major they only offer one class time a semester for all of the classes. Therefore only 40 or so students can take that class this year. My freshman friend was able to take one class for her major her freshman year CDO 230 and she can't get into any of the other ones because upper classmen have already filled the one class. Therefore she has completed all her University Program classes and now she has nothing to take her sophomore year because all the classes are filled. Therefore, the CDO department must get another professor or offer more classes a semester because 1 class for the 3 beginning courses of the major is ridiculous. There should be at least 2-3 beginning classes and then it should taper off down to one later on in the major as less people stay with it. One other downfall i think we have is many professors need to be evaluated or helped on how they teach. For instance I only have two exams a semester. This does not help me learn the material at all! Constant evaluations and studying and reinforcement will help me retain the information. having a test as a midterm and a final makes me try and study 3 months worth of information in 1-2 weeks. How on earth am I to rememeber everything for the exam. In one of my classes where we had an exam over 3 chapters worth of material I spent 10.5 hours of studying and reviewing. Yet I still got a 74% on it because there was just too much material to cover and I could not remember it all at one time. This is one very easy thing to fix is hold workshops for professors so that they can improve their teaching methods to better help the students learn. Maybe a weekly quiz or bi weekly quiz that doesn't count for much but will help the students continue to visit the material is an option.


Some professors do know student names. My best class was BCA 311 with Will Anderson. I think he is an amazing professor and he makes the subject fun and interesting to learn. He can be a very hard grader, but it's well worth it.


I think the academics at Central need a boost; we need teachers who want to learn the students name, and get us excited about learning.


Depending on the class, the professors know our names, my favorite class is french becasue my teacher is really fun and interesting, I dont like english becasue its boring to me. A lot of students participate. I am a health fitness major and the classes seem really interesting. Central's academic requirements are kinda high I think and Central is geared towards both succeeding to get a job and learning.


I am impressed with most of the professors at Central Michigan University, the other day I walked by a professor I had three years ago, and the professor might not of remembered my name but recognized me and said hello. I was surprised that he remembered me because I sat in the back of the class the whole semester. The staff in the business department has been really helpful when I needed help a couple years ago plotting out my schedule for the rest of my time up here. My favorite class that I took at Central Michigan was economics with Richard Hill, he was a really good professor, I learned a lot from him because he was good at using examples to teach, he had interesting stories that helped me remember what I needed to learn.


I think that the class sizes here at Central are perfect; I like having professor who want to establish a relationship with their students. Many of them make an effort to get to know every students name, which shows me that they take their job serisouly. Although my major, dietetics, is hard, we have some of the most knowledge professor and I couldn't ask for better resources. I beleive that after graduation I will be truly greatful for all that I have learned hear.


THe best thing about central is that you get your education here. The classrooms are smaller so you get more expeience with your professors. Almost all of mine know me by my first name, which makes the experience here more worth while.


the professors suck, they need to get ones that speak english. its hard to learn from people you cant understand. the requirements and classes provided are nice and broad, they just need better professors. they also need to make a better effort of getting you connected with possible employers in the future.


Most of the time, when you get into classes for your major, your professors will know your name because the class size is smaller. Sometimes, professors do not know you though. Students are not competitive at all. It is a very big deal for someone to make the dean's list, a 3.5 or higher. I do not spend time with professors outside of class unless it is at their office hours.


Almost all of my professors know my name. My favorite class at CMU was HSC 214. It was so interesting and Dr. Salt had a very good lecture. My least favorite class was moral problems because my teach was basically an idiot. I could have done a better job than he did. I dont know about other people but I study A LOT. But I have to I want to go to Med School. No CMU students dont usually have intellectual conversations outside of class. I am a competitive student. My favorite part about getting exams is knowing what I placed out of the class. The most unique class I've ever taken was my speech class. It was fun, we would play games. I am in the health fitness major. One thing I do not like is the availability of classes. It is too hard to sign up for the classes you need to take. I dont want to waste being here for 5 years when I should be graduating in 4 and going to med school in my 5th. Its pointless to be here for 5 years just because I couldn't get in a class. I dont usually spend time with professors outside of class but when I do need help I do see them. I think the UPs are dumb but I guess i understand the idea behind them. That is a good question. For me my education is geared toward learning. Med school would be towards getting a job as a doctor. I think most classes are geared towards getting a job.


The class size is so small that it gives professors the opportunity to connect with you on a different level. Even in my classes that are held in lecutre halls, the teachers grade their own papers and even write comments on them. I dont typically spend time with professors outside of class unless I need to contact them at their office hours for further help, and in that case they are normally available.

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