Central Michigan University Top Questions

What is the stereotype of students at your school? Is this stereotype accurate?


One stereotype is that CMU is known for being a party school. In my opinion, I think every college can be a party school! its ultimately what you make of it theres always going to be party's at colleges and that's okay just don't forget what you're there for! But for the most part the stereotype is true!


The most common stereotype is that we're a party school for kids who weren't smart enough to go to Michigan State. Unfortunately, that does describe most of campus, but there are subgroups (Centralis Scholars, The Honors Program, The Leadership Institute, etc.) that disprove the stereotype.


When my friends, parents, and family would ask me about where I would be attending college and I responded with "CMU", their faces would cringe and they would automatically say something like, "oh that's a party school, good luck" or "stay away from all of the parties". Their concerns didn't worry me, I knew that I would focus on school and that I would not succumb to the temptations to party that I would face. After completing 3 semesters at CMU, when people make comments about being a party school, I now defend my classmates, friends, and the university. The university deserves to be recognized not only for its academic excellence, but sense of community and safety that it offers to students. While there certainly are parties here (which school doesn't have parties?), in my experience, academics are the focus for most students. If you would like to party while you're here, there are certainly options to do that, you can also be an excellent student at the same time. CMU offers great opportunities for both.


That we are a party school


Well, it's true. You come to Central, you double major in having a good time. If you want the party college experience, this is your go-to school. Drinking three to five days a week is not unheard of here, but it gets pretty old after a while. Most people don't go out as much when they get older -- maybe a couple of times in a weekend.


For the most part everybody is pretty nice here. We have our fair share of douchebags and spoiled brats, but almost everybody you meet will greet you with a smile. That being said, a lot of the people here are not too bright.

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