Central Michigan University Top Questions

What's the most frustrating thing about your school?


How early the RFoC closes on the weekends


The most frustrating thing about Central Michigan University is the large population. It's hard to find where you belong at a school where you hardly ever see a familiar face. You go from High School knowing almost everyone's name in your grade to struggling with remembering the names of the students in your classes. Crossing paths with thousands of people each and every day makes it frustrating when you're searching for a familiar face, and wondering if you are noticed at all by anyone.


The most frustrating thing about Central Michigan University would probably be that it's diverse but not diverse as it could be; my university lacks the blended cultures that it needs to help prepare many of the students to for the work force. Before coming to college much of my high school was mainly one race to by coming to college I thought I'd get the opportunity to make up for that yet my school lacks that and it is quite disappointing.


The most frustrating about my school was that the major science classes where lectured in big auditorium halls. Science classes are hard to its core, so having them in big auditoriums it is not very helpful for students, especially the fresh ones from high school.


Everything is about greek life. Everything is about drinking. Its annoying to think that people put such an emphasis on such stupid things.


If I had to find something about Central Michigan University that was frustrating, it would be more on a personal level. I found that learning to prioritize on my own to be difficult. Being away from home for the first time, with all of the freedom at college has been a bit frustrating and challenging.


That you can not pass with a D. But I believe that is with most colleges. So I can not complain.


The most frustrating thing about CMU, is not having the people I love attend with me.


I have not been there enough to provide that information.


The most frustrating thing about Central Michigan University would be the parking availability. Although parking permits are available to students at an expense, not only are they expensive, but it is also not guaranteed that you will find a parking spot in your desired lot. Often times, parking lots will fill up quickly, and students are subject to moving to a lot that is much further away; inconveient, and thus, frustrating.


The most frustrating thing about Central Michigan University is the building organization. The only thing I have found to struggle with is that some of my classes for Education will be in the actual education building, while others are scattered slightly farther away on campus. I would prefer classes required for a degree were all closer in vicinity.


I think the most frusterating thing about my school would be that most people are from Michigan and can go home anytime. I was from out of state which made it more difficult for me on certain holiday weekends. Also being a college of over 25,000 students the class size for some of the freshman introductory courses can be rather large at times, but get smaller and more personal as you get into your major courses.


The most frustrating thing about Central Michigan University is the fact that this school is the best place to help me achieve my dream of becoming a special education teacher, but I am struggling to pay my tuition with little help from them. When I go to the financial aid department they only offer loans, which can get them their money but is helping me in no way. I feel like I?m lost with no one to help me, and all I want is a good education.


For the most part, my school is not frustrating. The only thing I wish my school would change is giving students better resources on where to find and apply for scholarships.


Honestly, the most frustrating thing about my school is the cold weather. I go to Central Michigan University in Mount Pleasant, Michigan. The weather is not perfect. I love to be outdoors, and I definitely prefer warm weather. It snows a lot up here, and when its not snowing, it can get pretty chilly outside. The weather is really the only thing I can think of that frustrates me about my school. I love the curriculum and the teachers. The counselors and upperclassmen are very helpful. The campus is beautiful and just the right size for me! I love it!


The most frustrating thing would be how the other students drive around campus. I was almost hit a couple times. And they won't go in the turn they are supposed to at the 4 way stop when the students are trying to get from one class to another. It is very dangerous and concerns me greatly.


The most frustrating thing about my school is its size. I am used to a small community college where everything is close together, and being on a large campus makes it harder to get around as well as confusing.


The most frustrating thing about my school would be the weather at times, the binge drinking, and the cost. When it's cold, here in Mount Pleasant, Mi it seems to be much colder. Walking around outside in between classes is terrible. We use to have underground tunnels but they are presently closed. There is binge drinking everywhere off campus, its sometimes hard to stay away from it. The cost of tuition and books are also a blow to your wallet. My roomates and I always have trouble having money and Central is a big part of that.


Although the campus itself isn't terribly big, the buildings are too spaced and parking is limited


The town that the school in is fairly small. It is 45 minutes from a medium sized city. A lot of students' social lives revolve around drinking. For those of us that don't drink, it can be hard to find our niche and make similar-minded friends. (Luckily, though, I have made great friends that don't need alcohol to have fun. It can be done.)


My school has many student organizations, over 200, and they are available to everyone, but there are really only a select number that actually make their mark on campus.


The most frustrating thing about my school is the lack of communication between transfer students and advisors. Now that I am here, I have had some good talks with my advisors for my major and minor, but before, I ended up taking a lot of unneeded classes.


Attempting to get into classes.


The weather. I love the school otherwise.


Not as much available parking as I would like.


The lack of academic drive in most students


The small percentage of people who do not utilize what CMU hasd to offer. People do not pay attention and dont realize all the great things out school has to offer.


That there is a lot of drinking and that it's expensive, for me at least.


The most frustrating thing about Central Michigan University is the fact that even though there is usually some sort of event happening on Campus, it's often either sports or some music event. Otherwise, the more diverse activities are few and far between. Also, the some of the professors I have experienced have not been all too helpful when non-school related situations have come up, and I need extra time to do work. However, there are a few that are very accomodating.


Professors that do not care about the students and students that dont care about anything at all.


It's hard being an education major to get in all of the classes i need. I wish there was some way that i could handle taking more classes a semester and be able to juggle both school and my Varsity level sprot that I participate in. By taking more of my degree required classes it would be easier for me to finish my schooling in four years.


The most frustrating thing about my school would have to be at times the fact that we are living in such a small town known as Mount Pleasant, Michigan. There are limited places to eat, shop and work at times but once you get use to the atmosphere you learn to appreciate the small town for what is it.


Some of the academic advising


Absolutely nothing. This university is the ultimate best and I have no complaints.


Having a hard time understanding professors who can't speak English well. I am trying to learn, but have difficulty understanding what they are saying half the time.


Sometimes there is too much homework given for the amount of time students have at night. Finding time for homework between school and work is very hard and if your homework is not done than the teachers are less understanding and think you are a slacker.


The most frustrating thing about my school is that it is very hard to get classes that you need for your major. Scheduling is based on credits taken and some people are not able to get into classes that they need to take.


Some of the professors are grad students to temporary staff. They sometimes do not seem to care about what or who they are teaching. All they seem to care about is that they are getting paid. It is very hard to get a straight answer from them, and they are very unhelpful when you have a question about the subject. Although these professors are far and few in between, the few that are out there are very difficult to deal with.

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