Central Penn College Top Questions

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Central Penn College requires that the professors have at least ten years of job experience in the field they are teaching, giving them real life experiences and knowledge that cannot be taught in a textbook. Also, they have a business dress code which allows students to learn how to dress professionally and begin acquiring dress clothes for the workplace.


The professors are available and seem to really care about their students. The college has a business style dress code, which in turns prepares students for the business world. The school is well known in the community for its academic achievements and for their standards of dress.


This college is very unique to many colleges because of its size. This college is extremely small compared to some of the huge universities. The average class size is under twenty students per class. Depending on the professor, there is a great chance that you can walk out of a class with some real world experience instead of just the knowledge of how to do it. They generally offer a lot of hands-on exercises to get you prepared for the work place. Besides all of the acedemics, they also have an appearance policy to make you look professional.




Central Pennsylvania College is unique from other schools because it's more career minded and focused.


The diversity of Central Pennsylvania College is an appealing option. The school also places strong emphasis on leadership and business development, and utilizes a number of professionals from the field as instructors. This gives the students a view of the employment climate that many other colleges can't match.


My school is small enough so you can make friends and get along with others. the class sizes are small enough so you can have a one on one relationship with your professor.


At Central Penn College we are required to dress in business attire. This shows us how to dress for our future careers. At Central Penn College we have things like talent shows to bring together the school. We also have a computer lab that is open until 1 am so that students are able to get there work completed. Another thing that Central Penn offers is Blackboard. All of the teachers post assignments and discussion questions on this program, which makes things easier for us.


I think what is unique is this school is a year round school. It also requires you to dress as busniess attire.


A few unique aspects of Central Penn College is it runs all year round so the classes are extremely excellerated. I started in October 2009 and I will finish Summer 2011 which includes my internship. Central Penn also has a dress code; students must wear business casual dress and medical students wear either scrubs or a polo shirt with kahki pants. The classes ara smaller as well which helps with getting help from the professors. It is easier to have a meeting or acquire extra help from the professors. I am happy with my decision about attending Central Penn College.


Central Pennsylvania College is a small school. We have a professional dress policy based around your field of study and go to school year-round as we are on a quarterly schedule. Administration and staff are very friendly people who have a genuine interest in how students are doing. We do not have any varsity sports, but we are expanding as we just started participating in club type sports not too long ago. Quite frequently, we have job fairs on campus. Very few students like the food as we have a Hilton run restaurant that is overpriced in our opinions.