Central Piedmont Community College Top Questions

What do you brag about most when you tell your friends about Central Piedmont Community College?


Central Piedmont Community College has an excellent Global Learning Program. Though this institutions's program I earn college credits towards the NC Global Scholars of Distinction Honor. This program has helped my development personally and academically. I have studied abroad to Slavador Brazil. I studied abroad in Costa Rica through a cosortium with a neighboring community college and I plan to to study abroad in Tanzania and in one or two countries before I graduate next year. This was an excellent opportunity for me to become globally concious. My global experience is preparing me for diversity in the work place.


Education comes at a high price, and finding the most efficient form of education that will not put you in debt before you graduate is priceless. Most of my friends decided to go four-year universities and some of them took out loans for their first year. I brag about the cost of the tuition in the college I attend compared to theirs. In addition, I am still taking classes that I would be taking if I were attending a four-year university my first two years. I can definitely say I am living the full college experience my way.


When Itell my friends about my school I brag most about the cute boy's that go to my school. That stuff is not really true, not all of them are cute. Alot of the boys are really ugly, or there just weird.


The classes are small and personal. You receieve quality teaching for a reasonable price.


The one thing about my school I would have to brag about is the option to relocate to a campus near home. My friends drive up to half an hour away from their homes to get to and from school. The campus nearest my home is only a short, ten minute drive.


I brag about my professors such as Bryan McFadden who was an amazing online professor that brought Geography to life in an online class. I brag about Hugh Dussek who ignited in me a love for history through his animated lectures, which was so unexpected. I brag about Greta Zandstra who can make drama appreciation interesting. I rave about Rinav Mehta who breaks math down so that anyone can understand it . I brag about Peggy Rivers who taught me to paint and I have sold to painting since her last class!. I brag about how CPCC changed my life!