Chadron State College Top Questions

What do you consider the worst thing about your school? Why?


The worst thing about my school is every year the cost seems to be different. Sometimes professors don't use the same books and that makes costs go up. It's annoying!!


the worst thing about this school is probably the fact that it is a small town so there isn't alot to do with your spare time, like shopping or arcades. on the other hand Rapid City is near by so it makes for a great road trip with friends.


There is a tendency at Chadron State College for academics to rank second to athletics. This is mainly true in general classes, where academic pressure is lax. However, this does not include most courses specific to you major. So, it is mainly up to the student to decide how much they will learn in the classes where grades are not as important as athletic ability.


So far i have been impressed with this school and what it has to offer. I really cannot think of a worst thing at this point. Well maybe that it is out in the middle of no where but the education the school provides is worth it.


The school is very conservative and narrow minded,in their focus of goals for the students. This school is not open to new ideas or modern equipment that will help student success. They are not as culturally sensitive to new students except sometimes for those in the exchange program.