Chaminade University of Honolulu Top Questions

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The one thing I personally feel is really unique about this school and really caught my attention is the diversity. The diversity in this school is embraced, well-understood and appreciated; from the faculty members, the professors, employees and the students.


What's unique about Chaminade is that we are a very small private school with a population less than most high schools. This is unique because very rare are you able to know everyone in school, or at least be familiar with faces. This creates a tighter community with not only your classmates, but also with your professors. The class sizes are usually 19-25 people, so professors are actually able to remember their students and spend more one-on-one time with each student.


Chaminade University is definitely welcoming. There are so many foreign exchange students, so there is a constant learning and interacting with different cultures.


Along with what I stated above, the most unique thing about my school is that it is a small community. We lean on each other for support and we know that that same support, be it faculty or friends, will be reciprocated.


My school is a small Catholic school and a lot of the students are out-of-state and pacific islanders such as from Guam, Samoa, etc. There's only a small percentage that are from Hawaii. The professors are very interactive and are also our mentors. They create a friendly-family atmosphere to the students.


Chaminade had a much smaller campus size, which is very appealing to me. Also this school is culurally diverse and stresses the importance of remembering where you came from. Also the faculty are well known and respected in their fields of study, particularly in Criminal Justice which is my major of choice. Another factor that made this school unique is the location, in Honolulu, Hawaii.


Small, liberal, open minded, engaging faculty that encourages students to do their best. Strong sense of community, value of service to each other as well as to the enviornment. Strongly religous but liberal and welcoming to all races, sexes, and individuals of different sexual orientations.. Faculty helps student excel even in the future by offering students chances to go on research programs and interships to help better their college education and prepare them for what the world has to offer.


My school is in an area with an amazing community and has many great professors that really help me to excel in any area of work.


Class sizes are perfect; small enough to know most others but large enough for meaningfull discussions. The very wide ethnic and cultural diversity is something to be cherished. For the most part, the faculty and staff are willing to help in any situation.


It has small class sizes then any of the others I looked at, which has lead to me getting to know a lot of different people from around the world and learning from teachers who take pride that the students are learning and doing well in school. Here you are a person not a number.


It's challenging but laid back at the same time.

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