Chattahoochee Valley Community College Top Questions

What should every freshman at your school know before they start?


If I could go back in time and talk to myself as a high school senior I would tell myself not to worry and everything will be fine. As a student in highschool, even now I worried about the simpliest things. In a sense, if I failed one test ,I always believed my future would end and I would go nowhere. It is okay to fail once in a while. Most of the greatest things that happened to me was failing. Failing motivated me to work harder and never stop giving up. I never would have found out what i was capable of doing if it wasn't from the motivation from the failure. Stop worrying about grades only and be open. Make friends because you wanted to genuinely get to know someone not just because of being popular with the crowd or being liked from others. In addition, you will face difficult decisions which will allow you to think you can't achieve your dreams. Never sell yourself short of your anything and dream as big as possible. No matter what obstacle you face ,as long as you believe, your dreams will come true. Believe in yourself.


I would advise myself to start studying more. I never really studied all that much in high school because I thought I didn't need to. Once I got to college, I realized I didn't know how to study and my first semester was extremely hard. I would tell myself to start developing study habits in high school that I would use in college, so that I am better prepared for the increase in workload.


If i could go back to my senior year. I would tell myself to apply to more then one college. Apply for more scholarships. Help out more with the community. Try to do dual enrollment. And try to do everything you can. This is what i wolud tell myself if i could go back.


I dropped out of high school in the 10th grade and begin making money. I soon realized that my life was on the same path as my othet family members; I was preparing myself to work day and nigh to barely get by. My mother-in-law has been working a a motel since before my wife was born, and she still calls us day by day crying and worring about how she is going to pay her bills. My mother lives off a disabliity income of $600 per month, and both of them stay in the projects. If I could go back in time with the same knowledge I have now I would remind myself to maximize my potential every day because my furtures awaits me.


To begin I would say " take high school more seriously so you'll be better prepared for the next level." Pass all your classes to your highest abilities. Take extra time to study, especially for a test.. Don't wait till the last minute to complete an assignment. Partying isn't a priorty, it's an option. Make sure you always register for classes on time, try to get there in the morning, so you'll have a better chance to get the classes you need. If you have Pell, check on it repetively till you know all your information is correct and in order. Don't wait till the last minute to drop a class. If you need a tutor start going to see them as soon as possible. If you register for classes early you'll always have the best selection. Make sure you get to know some of your classmates so you can get help if you miss a class or just need some assistance. College isn't as hard as it looks or seems, if you put your mind to it. You'll succeed if you follow these guidelines and the rest will follow.