Chicago State University Top Questions

What's the one thing you wish someone had told you about freshman year?




Chicago State University is a great school the professors are great well qualified. There is a problem with the administrations; customer service is very poor in the Bursar and financial Aid office. Any student can go there and the best education if he/she works hard.


I wish i would have known about the school spirit before I came to this school. By attending a school with low school spirit it makes you enjoy your school less. I personally believe it affects the way you perform in school also. The happier you are to be at a certain school the better you will do while you attend there. If you are really careless about your school you will perform as a student but not to the best of your abilities.


Before attending Chicago State University I wish I would have been more informed about the alleged corrpution of the prior administrator. As Chicago State University has the potential to be among the leading universities in Chicago, corruption has had a negative impact on the campus, its capacities and has the potential to cast a reflection on the student body.


I wish I would have known about the rules of living in a dorm.

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