Christian Brothers University Top Questions

What kind of person should not attend this school?


I beleive the best type of person to attend this school is one that truly desires a good education. One that focuses on school and wants to achieve great things in thier future. This person must be focused and willing to work hard at what they desire to do.


A person who is lazy, too dependent on others, and who does not have great work ethic should attend CBU.


The individual who should not attend this school is the one who lacks motivation, especially in the area of academics. The students at Christian Brothers University represent the qualities of hard work and determination. Students attending this university should expect to do such tasks as spend hours vigorously studying in order to have a proper understanding of the material they are covering in classes. Individuals who are not willing to put a large amount of dedication into obtaining their degree, and the work involved in doing so, should not attend this university.


Someone who will not dedicate his or her time to studies. If that is they case, that person should wait until college is right for him or her. There is no point in wasting so much money.


People that do not like small schools, or schools where there is a lot of gossip and people always know what is going on in your life, pick a bigger school.


The school is not for the one who wants to be just another number. Your teacher will know how you are and how many times you missed. This is not the school for anyone who thrives off of a combination of school work and an exciting social life. It is basically all school work and your social life will have to come outside of campus.


Those looking for a large, involved campus should not attend this school, nor should those looking for exceptional athletics programs. Liberal arts majors have a difficult time fitting in because so much emphasis is placed on the sciences/engineering.


Students here are very proud of their school and it's high standards of academic achievement, but by my standards, this chool is not actually that academically challenging. That being said, this is no Ivy League, but if you aren't willing to work hard, don't come. Also, if you're looking for a great Greek System, this is not the school for you. We have 3 fraternities and 3 sororities, but they are by no means the focus of life here. They don't even have houses. Also, our athletic programs are fun, but often not successful...