Christopher Newport University Top Questions

Describe the students at your school.


They make a warm atmosphere where everyone is accepted and care for one another, whether that be helping with coursework or listening and helping with personal problems, there is always someone that will be there.


Overprivileged individuals who are unwilling to leave behind the high school mentality.


Very friendly


Friendly and hard working


My classmates were intelligent, driven, creative, and at times a little bit crazy.


CNU has a lot of fellowship and pride for our academics, our sports, and for each other.


I am a very outgoing person so getting to know my classmates is always an adventure. Everyone I have met is always personable and very happy. Christopher Newport seems to always have a positive effect on people and usually always has peole in the right places when someone needs to be cheered up. I've met some of my now very close friends just by class projects or sitting beside them whenever there is a open seat.


My classmates are fun but also take their work very seriously.


CNU students are hard working individuals eager to learn, yet always willing to make the best of their college experience and have a great time!


At Christopher Newport University we encourage a sense of community where students look each other in the eye and say hello; no matter what background you are from you are welcomed and become a part of the CNU community.


At this school all the students are friendly and open to everyone.


My classmates are very down to earth and ready to learn in order to have a good career.


Intelligents, social, and overall good people who are willing to do anything for their classmates.


My classmates are friendly and helpful.


My classmates can be seen as friendly, cooperative, inventive, cerative, loyal, funny, outgoing, inspiring, competitive.


Ignorant, self-centered, narrow-minded, judgemental, narcissitic, cruel, unintelligent, bias, lazy, immature, led astray by false teachings, etc.


As a crew leader for incoming freshmen I enjoy showing all that there is at Christopher Newport and what is available to them when they arrive so they have no false expectations that can hinder their start of college life and learning.


My classmates for the current year have been dependable and friendly for the most part, although the deeper into your classes you go, they seem to get more cocky and individualistic.


The student body of Christopher Newport University consists primarily of white upper-middle class students with a few exceptions. Students are mostly from northern Virginia or the local Virginia Beach area. There are few out of state students who attend the university.


I like them a lot. Not a lot of diversity, but I believe that we would all accept diversity.


My classmates are really nice and a lot of them are involved with school activities.


Diverse and Crazy but fairly devoted


Mostly conserative or religious minded students but a strong open minded minority.




Classmates are classmates, some you know some you don't. Like any typical classmate, there you'll have him or her.


Similar to me in work ethics and overall personality


Friendly and helpful.


Wanting to learn and be involved, never someone failing


study as much as you need to in order to pass, and then go party.


Like an American Eagle commercial. Most of the people on campus are white, preppy kids from upper class families. Now I'm not saying there is anything wrong with that, but it just gets boring seeing the same thing everyday. I'd like it if there was a little more variety on my campus.