Christopher Newport University Top Questions

What do you consider the worst thing about your school? Why?




the worst thing about Christopher Newport Univeristy is that it is not racially diverse


1. Construction: because it takes away from the beauty of the school. 2. Diversity: I seen many people of different races at this school, but those people are low in numbers. 3. Parking: It is hard to find places to park, yet you have to pay for an expensive parking decal.


One of the worst things about CNU is also one of the best. We have on-going and constantly shifting construction zones spread across our campus, which sometimes make it difficult to navigate the area and get to class on time. However, this problem is actually an advantage because it provides our student population with new, up-to-date facilities.


The worst thing about CNU is that we are not well known enough. And we are also getting more selective.


The worst thing about my school is the parking because for students there is never that much parking and students sometimes have to park in restricted areas and end up getting parking tickets.


The worst thing about Christopher Newport University is also one of the best things. Students love small class sizes that foster discussion and class participation but the small size also provides a scheduling night-mare when all of the seats have been taken during regisitration.


Small class sizes are Christopher Newport University are both a curse and a blessing. While allowing better interaction with the professor and improved class discussions, it makes getting into specialized classes very competitive. Enrollment in classes is decided by your year and whether or not you are in the President's Leadership Program. It can be frustrating to see PLP students of a lower grade level enrolling in classes you need before you have the option.


As a second semester freshman, I really don't have any negative problems with Christopher Newport University. It has been a great experience for me.


Again, the social life suffers as a result of the alcohol viewpoints and policy. Due to the policy/viewpoint, there is a drop-out of students because of transfers and suspensions. It is an academically rich school with wonderful professors that can really teach life skills and material, but not all stay because they are driven away by a lack of social life. Social life is important in any setting, particularly in college. Especially in today's perspective, college is the time to experiment and broaden horizons, however this is prevented by a lack of social setting.


I would say on of the worst things about CNU is people do not take advantage of the resources, such as the activites put on. It gives the students something to do, for free, and keeps us out of trouble. Another thing would be the way class registration works. Since everyone is trying to do it at once, the internet freezes up and there are not enough spaces in the classes for every student. Parking is a huge issue, especially for the commuters. Other than that, the worst thing is the food!


I must first say that it has been a few minutes as nothing immediately comes to mind. After thoughtful consideration, I would say the same thing I referenced as the "best thing". Change. What is amazing about CNU is that all of the change is grounded. In scholarship, need, character, and service. That is what makes the change relevant and therefore, good. However, it is a well-known fact that change can be difficult. Therefore, as with all of our gifts, change is CNU's greatest strength and potentially weakness as well. Change is a reality of leadership. CNU leads.


I think the food could be a little bit better. Its not horrible but If i had to pick something it would definately be the food.


The worst thing about Christopher Newport is the Class Registration system. Classes fill up quickly and I know a lot of students that have gotten off track because they couldn't get into a particular class. Class sizes aren't increasing fast enough to accomodate all the students that need the classes offered. It can mean an extra semester, or even an extra year here, in some cases.


I hate the fact that the dining halls are small.


The worst thing that I consider about my school is the availability of parking it provides for students, faculty, staff and visitors.


Right now it is the construction. Half of the campus is blocked off by green fences. The workers only work on one section at a time, yet the whole campus is blocked. And the construction workers are getting paid for nothing. All they do is stare at the college girls' butts as they walk by. It seems like this construction has been going on forever and I just want to see the pretty green campus that I toured again.


Some unfair benefits are given to students that are involved with our Presidential Learning Program because the assumption is they work harder. It sucks to have them be given priviledges when honestly they don't work any harder than anyone else.


That it costs money but that goes for generally all schools. The school spirit could use a little pep but it is getting better each year. The school is outstanding but is very new so it is not that well known outside of the state yet.


The worse thing about our school is CHECKS -the board we have to go in front of if we do something wrong (ie alcohol violations, academic probation, etc). I think it's too hard on good students. I've known people who've gotten kicked out when really it was uncalled for when others have been allowed to stay when they did things far, far, far worse. I understand we need this but it's too hard on good students.


lack of off campus entertainment


The worst thing about CNU is that it is too hard to get the classes you want and to finish in the four years required.


The food


As it is a dry campus, many students feel the need to leave campus on weekends in order to get their dose of partying. This leads to a lack of campus life. I believe the students need to get over it and find more things to do than just drinking. Partying does happen, but there are other ways to socialize too.


Parking is not the best if you are commuting from off-campus housing. There are only two dining halls to choose from, and the one with better food has crappy hours, especially on the weekends. Pay close attention to what you need to fulfill your degree because the academic advisors do not always know which classes you should be taking. Don't expect to get to live on-campus unless you are in the Honors/President's Leadership Program because they don't have enough housing for even all of the sophmores sometimes! The art program STINKS!


I think the way the school does housing arrangements could be a lot better. Instead of letting senior get the first picks, they put ALL students in a lottlery. I think it should be done by your academic standing. It's not fair that sophomores can get housing but seniors are forced to find an off-campus apartment because there isn't enough space in the dorms.


The longer you stay here, the less important you are to the university. They go way out of their way to impress prospective students, but they rarely listen to the concerns of the juniors and seniors.


Strict policies


The location and size require you to have access to a car in order to go out and have fun. There is no busing system.


The only bad thing I can think of about CNU is that it is a growing school and there is ALWAYS contruction going on. It doesn't get in my way of learning/social life too much, but it is a bit of an annoyance. However, I know that the school is only trying to improve. The construction can be a pain but overall its the only thing I can think of that is negative.


Financial aid is very cut throat, and research oppurtunities are often limited by the funding of the department.


Got rid of the good fraternity. Don't care for greek life. Dry campus/campus cops don't like social functions


It is tarnished with the typical college student epidemic. The most popular activities all involve drinking, smoking, and partying, and of course for the males, gearing themselves for scoring with drunk freshmen girls. There is a lack of cultural diversity and individuals who can really think outside of the box. College reminds me a lot of high school in this way.