Clark College Top Questions

What should every freshman at your school know before they start?


If I could go back I would tell myself to not drop out of highschool yet. That I was almost done, and it would be alot cheaper to get my Washington State Diploma on-time, instead of dropping out and attempting to get it through community college a few years down the road. But now I am at a different place in my life, and I am ready and excited to learn new things, stepping up the ladder in life towards my ultimate education goals.


I would tell myself to really focus on scholarships. I never thought about filling out any applications because I didn't really care, but it would have been nice to save money. I am going to Kent State in the Fall this year, and I have to work a lot to help save up for going to a university. I could afford to pay for Clark College, but a university, especially one that is out-of-state, is costly, and hopefully FAFSA and scholarships can help me. I would also tell my senior self to take classes and seminars to learn about college and scholarships, because I have to teach myself now.


If I was to go back to my high school senior self; I would probably tell myself to get into college right after school and probably go away for college. I wish I was able to experience college a different way, like acutally living on campas, seeing/meeting new people. I would tell myself to ask around or research more about careers because going into college I never knew what excatly what i wanted to do.


Take your time and think about what is is exactly that you want to go into before you start to attend ccollege, also make sure that you know how much money you want to spend and if you want to go into debt during school or pay it all of as you go.


First off, listen to the counselor when he tells you what specific program you should be studying. And whatever you do, avoid checking out any books for that program ahead of time because it will only freak you out. Study hard, do your homework, don’t miss a class and when given special assignments, such as research papers, be as creative as possible. Originality is a good trait to have and to keep. It will help you be a more productive person in the long run. Have fun, but make sure you leave enough time for homework. Keep a calendar for due dates because you are assigned a lot more to do than you are used to. Find a productive way to take notes for lectures, because as many professors will warn, most tests are based on their lectures. Don’t rely solely on memory, especially if you are taking a full load; even going part-time can be complicated sometimes. Good luck!


Transitioning is often very difficult. It’s scary dealing with so many unknowns and “what if’s.” Not only that, but you must become accustomed to new people, surroundings, and norms. Looking back now, I see that change is a common, good, healthy part of life, and especially a student’s life. The advice I would give to students transitioning into college would be this: everything will be okay. It’s really that simple—in the midst of college applications, the SAT, graduation requirements, and a million other things, it’s easy to get overwhelmed and wonder, “is it worth it?” But, remember that after the hard work, there is often a great reward and that as long as you are striving to grow, learn, and serve, the rest will fall into place. Even as we feel like we are flailing, we are really swimming ahead, making new memories and small progress towards so many adventures—adventures in the form of new friends, places, lessons learned, relationships, and teachers. Regardless of what life throws at you, keep your eyes on the education you have worked so hard for and remember to never stop following your dreams. The rest is history.


I think it is really important to know where your wanting your life to go before starting college. If I could tell my high school self one thing about college, I would say to wait and find what you really want to do. In high school I did not know what I wanted to do with my life but I felt like the next step had to be college. I thought about being a teacher, but inside I knew I was just picking a career to get it done. After high school I ended up getting a job and my own house. I honestly believe this was the best thing I could have even done. In high school students are told that college is needed and going to be their next step in life. This can make students feel lost and very stressed if they do not have a life long plan at the young ago of 17. In short I would tell myself that while college is importent, poeple should never feel like they need to rush into it. I would say waiting is okay and that college is amazing when you have a goal you are working towards.


I would tell my high school self that grades are important but not as important as learning the concepts at hand. Getting the full understanding of the material and nurturing the spirit of intellectual curiosity is what makes for a rich and full experience, not a letter in a grade book. From a tactical prospective, I would tell my senior self how critical it is to develop strong time management and organizational skills to combat the ever present, teenage staple of procrastination. While I always seemed to pull it out, turn in the paper, get a good grade on the test I crammed for, I have learned that waiting until the last minute might appear to work in the short term, but it?s only cheating myself and causing undue stress. I would tell myself to be prepared as I transition from the comfort of my parent?s household out into the real world because there is so much to learn about being an independent and responsible adult. Finally, have fun, live your life fully, and appreciate your parents in the last year of high school.


Your education is in your hands. Take hold of it right now. Do not wait for college to begin, or someone to come along and show you the way. If you want to get a degree in agriculture, start learning about it now. Go to your library and ask about local opportunities. Check books out on the subject. Track down local experts. Experiment and grow something. Do anything and everything you can to take learning into your own hands. You will get out of it exactly as much as you put in. This is the crux of college education. It can be an amazing and powerful experience if you are prepared to take charge, take responsibility, and take action. If you are not prepared and self-motivated by the time you arrive, you will soon be overwhelmed. This advice may seem obvious, trite, and passing. I guarantee you, however, that it will be vital to your success, not only in college, but presumably throughout the rest of your life as well. Also, don?t forget to enjoy the ride, you?ll do great.


I remember the night of graduation, my greatest and only fear at the time was to not trip on stage. It seems ridiculous to me when I think back and not tripping was my only worry. However, at that time I felt that I was prepared for what College had to offer. Time and time again, everyone warned me of time management and the increased work load. But, I was not aware that those would not be the only things to change. If I could go back and talk to myself before that night of graduation, I would not tell myself of the expected changes but rather the unexpected. Like the unexpected change in relationships. Maintaining relationships with childhood friends and family was a struggle. College kept me busy even on the weekends; and I had spent most of them studying rather than going out. I also, spent a lot of time working to pay for college. The expenditures of college were really unexpected. But, the greatest unexpected change I realized was, how fast college goes by. Before I knew it I had completed my first term. From college I truly learned the value of time.


Chelsea, you are on the right track! Keep focused and dedicated, because your burning "yes" for your education goals is far greater than the "yes" that you have for recreation and economic independence. All things will come in their right time. First, realize that you are surrounded by resources. Find a way to attend running start while college tuition is fully-covered. Also, begin applying for as many scholarships as is humanly possible. Finally, keep your work schedule to a minimum while living at home. Use that free time for more study. Second, you are not invincible! You may tell yourself that you can do absolutely anything, but your mind and body must be respected and protected from the effects of stress. Life is long, relax and move at a pace that is sustainable. You can get by without working two jobs and attending school full-time. Again, the most important thing is to stay focused and look at all obstacles on this journey as opportunities to grow and cultivate your critical thinking skills. You really can do it!


If it were even possible to go back in time and talk to myself as a high school senior I would tell myself college is not like it how it is in the movies. You can't beat the system not that I have tried or anything. What made high school worthwhile was being able to have a social life and being able to connect with other people. In college you are on your own so you have to develop different skills on your own. Study hard and absorb yourself into the material you are learning, relate to the material in one way or another, keep an open mind, try to be unbiased, if studying one way doesn't work for you try something different. Try to develop different study and memorization skills whether you are a hands on learning, visual learner, auditory learn or even all three. Keep good references with teachers so you can get letter of recommendations and be sure to apply for scholarships even though they may seem like a hassle. Keep all your work regardless because you can use it for later reference! Never be afraid to ask questions in class!


Going back I would tell myself to pay better attention in anatomy and human physiology and "yes this stuff WILL be important later!" To take Algebra 2, because who knew that I would graduate from equine massage school and want to become a veterinary technician. I would advise myself to learn more about nutrition and exercise, so I can avoid the "freshman 15." The walk-in clinic is on Oxford street to avoid that horrible emergency room bill. I would warn myself that high school drama never really ends for some people and to just let the gossip roll off your back. But then again, some of your best friends will be from your college days. Also, don't be so quick to write off that firefighter who wanted your number, he'll save you and keep you going in the end. But most of all I would encourage myself to keep going when the times get hard and frustrating. It's only hard because you're trying your best but you'll find a better way to phrase the title of your research paper. Finally I would tell myself to have more fun and enjoy college life.


Dear Jessica, Hi, this is you three years down the road and in college. When you graduate apply to Clark, don?t worry about the 4-year universities that your friends are applying to. This college will get you transfer credits that you can take with you at half the cost. To save you time I?ll tell you now, you want to be a nurse so do great in your classes and get the best GPA possible you?re going to need it. Yes you really do need to study 2 hours for every 1 hour you spend in class, the teachers aren?t joking. Oh yeah, start saving your money now! Everything! Heads up mom cannot help you pay for college, you have to do it. So don?t waste your money on frivolous things, we can do that after we graduate. Enjoy your last year of high school it?s the best. After graduation be ready to hit the ground running, I know we can do this. You?re stronger then you know right now and capable of a lot more than others have lead you to believe. I?ll see you in the mirror babe.


I would tell myself that college english isn't that hard and not to stress as much as i did. Also that it will be a very good year for me but i can't force things, i just gotta let them happen.


Even if you do not know what you want to be when you grow up, still get as much information as you can on college. Do a little research to see if any particular career jumps out at you. Most important; college is not just for those who know or kind of know what their career path is. Start taking pre-requisites. By taking pre-required classes, something may come up that interests you. I still do not know what I want to be when I grow up, but I chose a path that fits and I know I will be happy with.


I chose to go back to school when I was 27 years old and it has definitely been a struggle to overcome obstacles such as being a single parent and not doing very well in my high school years. If I could go back and tell myself advise it would be to think before I act and know where I want to be in 5 years. At that age the last thing on my mind was my future and I have paid the price for it since. As I have held a GPA of 3.75 in college I wish I had applied myself in high school more and wish that I had the confidence that I have now. I would tell my past self that no matter what anybody else says, I ultimately know what I want for the future and that it is obtainable and not as hard as I was told by others. I knew deep down I was worth a great future but I guess I needed the right person to tell me; perhaps I myself am the only person that could have told myself there are great things out there and work to achieve them.


In high school I wasn't ready to take on the tasks one has to in order to be successful. I wish that I could tell myself to just buckle down and get done what needs to be done, but I didn't listen to others saying the same thing. If I were to speak to high school senior me, I would have to tell me that putting oneself under so much stress is going to be a hindrance for years to come. I'd try to communicate the importance of doing what you love, but it would again fall on deaf ears. I wouldn't have it any other way though. Without the mistakes I've made, I wouldn't be who I am now.


If I was a high school student right now, I would probably make the same mistake I did when I was a high school senior. But if I could change that knowing what I know today, I would go to a bigger university and grow up. I was way to scared when I was a high school senior to leave my friends, family and boyfriend behind to go to a major University, but I wish I could have to enjoy the college social experience. From visiting and talking to my friends from high school that are attending a major university now, it seems like it would be a lot of fun but I missed out on that opportunity, but the great thing about attending a community college is I won't be in so much debt, but that's about it.


If i could go back in time and talk to myself as a high school senior i would tell myself to do all of my school work, study for my tests, and make sure to keep my grades up. I would also tell myself to start filling out college applications early and fill out as many scholarships as possible.


I see myself sitting at home quietly studying. I still have a week before the test, but I?m never unprepared. I can see that I haven?t changed too much, at least academically, which is a good thing of course. Now I watch myself from afar as the teacher secretly grins and politely lies the graded mid-term on my desk. As I am about to turn over the paper, I am whisked away to one of the many volunteer activities for the local youth I help with. As I watch myself defending a young boy from a flying dodge ball, I am again drawn away to the view of a glorious sunset on the not-so-aromatic Vancouver Lake. The water would have been perfect, but the mirror was warped by the tiny ripples of my scull streaking through the sheen of the disappearing sun. Finally, I see myself looking back at me. I tell him, ?I?ve seen your future. Keep doing what you?re doing, and you will transition well. Also, remember this: soda is expensive in college. Quit now!? He chuckles, knowing that he?ll soon be in the same position saying the same words.


If I could go back and give myself advice about college I would say to be open to new things. I would tell myself to not be so set on one particular area of study. I would say to explore different options and see which areas interest me the most. But I think most of all I would tell myself to make sure that I have fun. No matter what I choose to study, make sure that I enjoy it. Don't worry about what other people may think, simply enjoy every moment that you are given.


First and most importantly, I would tell myself to get started on financial aid, scholarship and grant applications as soon as possible and stick with it. It is all well and good to support yourself entirely out of pocket, but that gets wearisome after a while, and it is far better to accept as much help as you can while you can. Second, I would tell myself to start working on prerequisites to the nursing program before too long so it doesn't take longer than necessary. The last bit of advice I wold impart to my past self would be to keep my eyes open for new and better job options. There is nothing wrong with the job I've had since graduation high school: it is enjoyable, straightforward and has decent enough pay that I've been able to carry myself through college thus far. But it is always a good idea to find a job in your area of interest and fast food is not as close to the medical field as would be beneficial for me in that respect. But above all else, remember that life is a journey, not a race to the end.


If i could go back in time and talk to myself as a high school senior i would tell myself to do exactly what i am doing now. I am a high school senior right now but instead of staying at my high school i am going to the community college earning college credits along with high school credits so that when i graduate with my high school deploma in june i will be one quarter away from having my 2 year degree, my AA from clark county community college. so talking to myself right know i tell myself to keep pushing and keep striving to do good in school and earn the best grades i can possible get.


Id'e tell myself to smoke less pot. Then id'e know what the hell is going on around me.


I would encourage myself to take as many college courses as possible while still in high school because college courses are free at this time. I would have also advised myself to enroll in college directly out of high school to take advantage of the two year scholarship that was available to students in the top of the class. Many colleges grant enrollment seniority to those with the most credits, so the more credits you have the better.


The most important piece of advice that I can give you as a high school senior, is always plan ahead. You may think that you are prepared now but you really need to think about who you are as a person and think about what you want to do and what you think is good for you not what others want for you. When you are in college, really think about the classes you want to take. You may think that you need to please others but that is not true, do what you want to do and don?t care about what others think. College is a hard but no matter what never give up and make sure you always work as hard as you can. Never give up just because you think you can not do something, you are just as smart as anyone else, you just may need to work harder than others. Also always work ahead, that will get you were you won?t stress out so much.


I would tell myself to fill out as many scholarship applications as I could. I would also tell myself that I would need to use and schedule my time wisely.


I think the biggest thing i would say to myself is DONT WASTE YOUR TIME!!!!! why are you wasting time sitting around and doing nothing with your life, just pretending to be cool, sitting in the back of the class room. Not doing your homework, not studying. I saw that i wasted so much time that i could have put into my career, and chose my career instead of waiting for it to pop up in front of me. I didnt want to work in a fast-food place, i want a career that i can wake up and love to do the job i do!!! - Thats probably the biggest thing, dont waste your time, and your life on silly things, think of the future, because you dont know the day you might not be on this earth anymore.....make today count and tomorrow even better.


I would tell myself to branch out and be more open and not so shy. That talking to others actually is not that bad. Asking a teacher for help is really easy and they do want to help you. Just dont worry so much.


I would give myself the advice to learn more effecient study habits because I believe if I would have studied better in high school it would have made it easier to study and learn the material in college. I would have also given myself the advice of getting involved and taking advantage of the free tutoring and classes that would have furthered me in college and would have eliminated the amount of classes that I needed to take to catch up in college, especially math. I believe that if I would have challenged myself more with studying and math I would have been a little bit further in my educational future than I am today. I have no regrets though and by attending college I have really pushed and strived for myself to be the best student I can be and in return I have had a wonderful experience in college.