Clark College Top Questions

What's unique about your campus?


I have really enjoyed the access to teachers and student tutors that are available to the students at Clark Campus. There is a wide variety of places for a person to study and research any class information that needs to be done. The buildings are very up to date.


Located in a city that is not necessarily considered diverse, Clark College strives for and celebrates diversity and has introduced me to a variety of different cultures, art, and superior acedemic curriculum. The campus feels totally intuitive and accessible, and is conducive to studying, socializing and appreciating the beautiful Pacific Northwest.


I would have to say the atmospher there. The school is very beautiful and everyone looks to be happy or just to wrapped up in life to be bothered. I enjoy being there alot but will soon have to transfer because of my major.


The fountain in the middle of the court. Why? Because it's sexy


I think the best thing about Clark is the Environment, and the people here. Everyone is kind and is here to learn and also have fun. Many of the teachers here that i have took are great, Lively teachers that dont want you to waste your life.