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Baptist Bible College is a relatively small school and because of this students have the opportunity to get to know professors on a personal level. This sort of structure is unique among modern universities and is immeasurably profitable because it provides opportunities for students to seek out and glean practical wisdom for life. Another aspect of BBC that I highly value is the dorm life . Instead of partying, playing video games, or engaging in other rowdy activities students enjoy working hard in their free time to learn and discussing how it applies to life on and off campus.


The size of the student body at Baptist Bible College is definitely something that sets it apart from other schools. With close to 550 students living on campus, thier is a strong sense of tight-knit community and strong relationships. Thier are enough peple that you know and then there is a handful that you might not know name-wise, but you still recognize faces.


My school is smaller than the other schools i considered, but i love it because i get to know the teachers and professors better on an individual basis.


Its a smalller school with a great education program. I feel like when i graduate i will be completely ready for the future. The teachers are always there to help and get to no you by name.


Love for one another. The Teachers really care about the students and the students themselves have a sense of family and community for each other.


trains students to be active in their ministry and be involved in the community. the professors care about the students and want to help the students do better


BBC is focused on Christian ministry as a full time career opportunity. They focus on the Bible and how to counsel and help others Biblically. BBC is small and I like that.