Clarks Summit University Top Questions

What are the academics like at your school?


The academics are great. I take online classes at BBC, and all of my professors have been so helpful in each of my courses. They always seek to challenge your thinking and help you learn as much as you possibly can.


Yes, all of my teachers know my name. My favorite class is Western Civilization. My teacher makes it so fun and does alot of projetcs and uses many different resources to teach from. I learn alot and look forward to that class even though in high school I hated history. I am not a big fan of Old Testament Literature, but that is probably because it is my first class Monday morning. Everywhere you go you will see a student studying, but is a normal amount of time. Class participation is not only common but is encouraged and affirmed when it happens. I am always running into intellectual conversations outside of classes. Students in the Athletic programs are very competative in their sports. My most unique class is Principles of Bible study where I am learning to really study the Bible more in depth. My department is the Communications Department which is split up into Drama and Writing. I am in the Drama part and already recieved a part in the Fall play! The head of the department, Dr. Maxwell, is brillant and has over 50 plays under his belt. He is talented and we are honored to have him. I do not personally spend any time with teachers outside of class but I know many people who do. I feel that the academic requirements are efficient and sufficient. Truly I feel that the education is geared to use the knowledge in the ministry, which in the end is a job.