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Clarkson is great if you want to be able to work one-on-one with your professors. Regardless of which program you're in, there are always professors willing to work with you or help you. Also, even though Clarkson is considered an engineering school, it's business programs are more highly ranked and our grads make more than Havard grads, which is something to brag about.


Clarkson is unique among the other schools I considered because of the small school environment it has to offer. The other schools I considered were significantly larger in student enrollment numbers and in campus size. I liked Clarkson because it had a smaller student population which allows for a more individualized approach to the college experience. In addition to the small size there is an atmosphere of family between the students, faculty and alumni of the university which serves as a great way to network within a business community.


Clarkson has a strong reputation when it comes to interviewing for jobs and internships compared to other engineering schools in the Northeast. It is a small school and there is not a strong divide between senior students and freshman, or even between undergraduate and graduate students. There are trails on campus that are open to everyone and are well maintained for hikes, skiing, running, or biking. You will also feel and be safe on campus at night, even exploring trails or downtown.


a lot of people smoke weed, and plenty trip. but the work is hard and you have to study a lot if you don't want to fail out.


Being a small school, Clarkson offers students direct exposure to fields of study outside of ones primary concentration. The opportunity to interact with those students and hear their ideas is invaluable.


Clarkson is tough, but it is a lot of fun at the same time. I wouldn't trade my time at Clarkson for anything. Clarkson students also have great job placement success, which is ultimately what this is all about.


Definitely check out the Clarkson rap to get a feel of the Clarkson culture and what the school is all about. I have enjoyed my experience at Clarkson so far and can't wait for the next 2 years! I had a couple of friends transfer out after their freshman year but they transferred back at the end of the semester. They didn't realize how much they loved the school until they left. Some people love it, some people hate it - I guess you will just have to see if it is for you!


If you want a good school, with challenging work, and a job that your friends who went to IVY will be jealous of, go to CU.


Some of my best friends have been on the verge of transferring but then say to themself they will miss a few things, so they stay. 80% are accepted, 80% finish. This place is what you make it, and you better like what you want to study. I chose Clarkson because I wanted a challenge and socially, academically, and yea, physically (cold), I got one. I though, have been able to make something awesome out of it.


Clarkson University has set up an environment that allows students to apply what they have learned in the classroom through "Speed Team" competitions. There are a variety of clubs and organizations on campus to apply the academic knowledge learned to different social settings. For the Clarkson business students, there is the CEO club and the Business Venture program. In the engineering field there are many teams that compete with other schools in design and performance. Some of these teams include Steel Bridge, Timber Bridge, Concrete Canoe, Baja All-Terrain Vehicle, PCI Beam, and among others.


It is unique in a sense that the students are always striving for their ambitions and always excel in academia


As a freshman business student you take a class that allows you and fellow classmates to actually start your own business. This teaches you a lot of things about businesses first-hand.


tons of research availabilities and a strong, faithful alumni base. small community-oriented campus with minimal distractions.


Clarkson is a learning-based community. There is a lot of emphasis on research and looking more into things you find interesting. The thing I love most about Clarkson is that we all help each other on homework. Many of the people in my major form study groups and help each other with homework assignments. It is not a matter of competition, but learning the material. I considered other larger schools, but they were just too big for me. Clarkson just felt right when I came to visit. Everyone was so friendly.


It is isolated from big cities and towns. It helps me concentrate more on school work .


Clarkson is a group focsed environment and students help each other out. Everyone here is really friendly and always ready for a good time.


The most unique things about Clarkson University is students receive a very friendly welcome immediately from current students and faculty; the classroom is an experimental facility where students learn hands on through real life experiences; the campus is small, but everyone knows everyone and it is very comforting. Overall, Clarkson University is that home away from home because there is always something to do.


Clarkson is definitely an investment opportunity for any student's future. The school is well known for its job placement program and its superior educational experience. Although there may be limited opportunities around for socializing, we can easily take a weekend trip to Canada, or head to the mountains to board and ski. Clarkson . The school is located near four other universities, so meeting people is fairly easy. The school keeps a low social profile, so you definitely have to go out and fing things on the wekeends, but you always manage to find something fun to do!


Clarkson is a small private research school in a quiet community.