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Is the stereotype of students at your school accurate?


ehh, sometimes. there are a lot of people that play video games and stay in their room, but if you look you'll always find a party. there are few attractive girls, but because of the awful ratio, they are few and far in between. not everyone's tuition is being paid for by daddy, many people have scholarships and worked hard to be where they are. this should clear things up:


For the most part most of those stereotypes are true. Yes a good part of the kids here love playing videogames, and like any other school some girls (the few that we have) are somewhat unattractive. What you have to realize is that while those stereotypes are somewhat true, our campus is also comprised of a diverse student body where you can encounter students that are similar to you.


Thankfully, most of these stereotypes are false. There are some students that play a lot of video games, but I think that would be found anywhere.


Not really, yes many Clarkson students are extremely smart but the school is more than engineering. Hockey is currently our only D1 sport so of course hockey would be big here especially since the hockey team has been doing well (mens and womens) but everyone isn't into hockey here and you don't have to be into hockey to like the school. Clarkson has some great students here, really cool people from all walks of life. Also there are girls at this school, and most of them are actually pretty, and not ugly Betty pretty.


The first stereotype about Clarkson being only an engineering school is not completely accurate. Clarkson has a School of Business as well as a School of Arts & Sciences and many students have majors within these schools. Although the gender ratio may be more favorable to the girls, the neighboring school of SUNY Potsdam has a large amount of girls. Unfortunately the boys are just too lazy to walk over to Potsdam and instead like to complain about the ratio and why they can't find a girlfriend. Clarkson is a hockey school with the student section of the games typically being packed, especially when we are playing our rival St. Lawrence. There is not much else to do at Clarkson on a Friday night and hockey is fun to watch, if students don't arrive at Clarkson as hockey fans they typically leave as them.


Yes, for the most part. The overwhelming majority of students here are white, followed by Asian, Indian and then African American. Something like 70% + are male, as well. Which is really unfortunate if your a male, yourself, but good ol' SUNY Potsdam is literally 1 minute away, and they have a lot more woman there. From what I've seen, the majority of students here are fairly wealthy, with a strong percentage of my friends here having have attended Prep Schools. And yes, the majority of students here at fairly intelligent, turning down schools like Cornell and RPI to come here.


For the most part, yes, however this campus still has its select few psycos that fall outside of it, but for the most part the people all have their slight oddities.