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What are the academics like at your school?


If you visit your professors during their office hours they will generally know your name and face. I loved Rigid body dynamics, the professor was amazing and unbelievably helpful.Class participation in engineering classes is limited but always welcome. Electives and liberal studies classed strongly encourage class participation. Class discussions often continue well after class has ended. Students compete against their own selves. They try to do better they strive to improve with each test. Your fellow peers are among the most helpful resources in the school. I am a Mechanical Engineer. My adviser and all of my professors have been helpful and kind. I visit my professors during there office hours. All four years cannot allow you to learn everything they have to teach. Our schools academic requirements are fair and reasonable for any engineering degree. Clarkson pushed students into the working world and teaches them the discipline and skills needed to strive in the work place.


Some professors do know my name, depending on the class. My favorite classes are always the courses pertaining to my major. Currently its Machine Intelligence & Stupidity: What you know and don't know about computers. The name is interesting enough itself! Every student here at Clarkson studies all the time. You need to in order to be successful anywhere, not just Clarkson. Education at Clarkson University, in my opinion, is geared more towards getting a job. There is a lot of hands-on to prepare us for almost any career.


Clarkson's academics are interesting to say the least. In large lecture halls, it's a wonder if the professors know half the student's names: the average class size being around 300, and the professors teach 4 classes every day! In other classes, however, the professors provide a more intimate learning environment where they can work with the students specific needs. Class participation is common in many of the classes. Students leave the classroom learning of concepts that can be applied to many aspects of everyday life. Because of this, students tend to have intellectual discussions outside of class to further their understanding. In terms of the schools academic requirements, I would say that Clarkson wants the best of the best, making their exams based off of what students learned by applying themselves outside the classroom.


Clarkson has a great education system, especially those of the Business and Engineering department. I myself started out as Chemistry major my freshman year. By the time I was finished my first semester of sophomore year, I realized that I simply couldn't continue with what I had. I had no interest in the subject, and honestly I was not given much support or guidance through the department. Professors were hard to understand because of language and accent barriers, and my advising department consisted of professors who didn't really know or care for me. Needless to say, I changed to a Global Supply Chain & Management major and haven't looked back. The Business school has its own advising department, where members have gone out of their way to ensure I was on a path to success. The classes were interesting, I was able to get know my professors on a first-name basis, and I feel that I have learned a great amount from the classes I have been taking. On top of that, I can see from my research into the real world that what I am learning is going to be useful for any future careers I choose. The education is practical and relevant to the economy and culture we are in. Studying is a huge part of the Clarkson community. It is common to find students on campus studying at all hours of the week (maybe not so much on Friday nights though). The education can seem to be so tough and hard that a lot of the times many students will have to resort to cheating for exams or tests; while this may be a mark of laziness to some, to others its a simple matter of fact - the test would be too hard to complete without some form of cheating. A huge perk of Clarkson is the employment opportunities it gives its students and alumni. Clarkson has a huge network of contacts that can be accessed many ways. One of these common ways is through the Career Fair held every semester. Over 100 employees from small businesses to huge corporations come to Clarkson looking specifically for potential employees from Clarkson graduates or students. They recognize that the potential Clarkson delivers in the form of intellectual students is endless.


I generally maintain one on one relations with my professors, most students have the opportunities to meet with the professors; however, I am not entirely sure everyone does accordingly. My favorite classes have actually been out of my major of Engineering and Managment, but that is due to my courses in major being basic credits I have needed to fulfill. I am currently enrolled in a Computer Aided Design class I like very much, which is similar to my senior Architectural course in high school. Most students in my grade level are seeking to perform as best they can, and begin to prepare for the work environment after school. Many people prepare for a summer internship as early as their first summer into their four year education. It seems some times like we cannot finish soon enough, and some times I speak with students who have worked all 4 summers as an intern. I think that one of the most common traits of a Clarkson student is commitment to one's work. Once given a task, a Clarkson Student seeks to solve the problem and produce the results as soon as time allows. Lastly, I would say that the education is not about teaching you how to memorize, but rather about teaching you to problem solve and solve many future problems you may have never seen before. In other words, it is an education system built to teach you problem solving skills to apply towards your future career, not just a means of training you for your future career.


Depending on your departments, the academic programs vary. In the engineering department, where the student body is bigger, professors at the freshman level don't really know their students. However, as you get more specific into your department, the professors know you really well and make a concerted effort to help you with whatever you need. Personally, as a Communication and Media major in a small department, students experience more one-on-one work with professors from their freshman year. Most professors are happy to meet with you outside of class to work on anything. There are some engineering professors that are only there for their research, but even those professors help you with what you need. The school strikes a great balance of learning for job training and learning for learning's sake - as schedules usually have some freedom to move around and take electives that you're interested in along with your career training.


As an engineering student, most freshman math and science classes are very large, because there's like 6-700 students taking physics at once, it's hard to know your professor, but there are TA's that are very helpful, and make it easier to have a 1 on 1 connection with someone.


Academics at Clarkson are challenging, but in a good way. My professors always made time for me if I needed help with class work, or anything else for that matter. The atmosphere is very laid back and so my friends and I were always comfortable hanging out with professors outside of class. Since Clarkson is a small school but very into research, it's easy to get hands on experience from your first semester. I was a double major (communications and psychology) and I became very involved in Clarkson's psychology department. I was a research assistant for one of the professors, and I was able to present a poster at a weekend regional conference. Two other students I did research with worked on their own projects over the summer and then flew to Nashville to present their findings at a national conference! Clarkson is very mindful of the fact that graduates want training geared specifically for the field they want to enter (especially in the engineering school), but students are also required to take classes outside of their major to become more well-rounded. Also, if there is a class you want to take but it's not offered at Clarkson, you can probably take it at one of the other schools in the area. There is a SUNY school within walking distance, and in the next town over there is another SUNY school and a private liberal arts university. There is an agreement between the schools, so students can take one class per semester at one of the other colleges.


Academics at Clarkson are challenging, but in a good way. My professors always made time for me if I needed help with class work, or anything else for that matter. The atmosphere is very laid back and so my friends and I were always comfortable hanging out with professors outside of class. Since Clarkson is a small school but very into research, it's easy to get hands on experience from your first semester. I was a double major (communications and psychology) and I became very involved in Clarkson's psychology department. I was a research assistant for one of the professors, and I was able to present a poster at a weekend regional conference. Two other students I did research with worked on their own projects over the summer and then flew to Nashville to present their findings at a national conference! Clarkson is very mindful of the fact that graduates want training geared specifically for the field they want to enter (especially in the engineering school), but students are also required to take classes outside of their major to become more well-rounded.


Best thing - Greek life. One thing you'd change - the parking situation size - Just right. Reaction - Either they know of it and say "oooh, that's a good school," or they say something a long the lines of "Where's that?" to which I have to go into detail about it being about as far north in the US as possible. Spend time on campus? - Brand spankin' new student center. College town? - Most definitely. three relatively close schools neighbor the surround the town of Potsdam. School administration? - Very personable. Biggest recent controversy - I protested the atrocious prices at the late night dining services. school pride? - medium, nothing too amazing, but I'm still proud to rep my school sweatshirt back home. unusual? - The internet connection is very poor. and it's a technical school...? One experience - freshman year. All of it. Frequent complaints - Internet and parking.


Students at Clarkson are very competitive. In most dorm hallways, students can be seen writing physics equations on the walls and discussing how to attack certain problems. For freshman engineering majors, students spend a lot of time studying together. Being a small school, many professors are able to acknowledge a student by their name. My major at Clarkson is a new and exciting major that is the first of its kind. The Engineering and Management major is one of only two majors to have both and engineering and business accreditation. This unique major integrates core business and core engineering principals into one major.


Clarkson is all about innovation! Academically, you need to be prepare to learn and take the initiative! Since it is a small school, professors will know your name and always willing to help. You on the other hand, need to be motivated and know when to get help. Like any college, you need to know the game. And to know the game, you need to get to know your professor. And professors here love it when students visits them. So whether it is questions or concerns, they are there for you. Class participation is different in each class. However, in freshman classes, you may be ask to have a "clicker" where you respond to questions in lecture or to get your points for attendance.


All of the professors I have know my name. My most favorite class was Calculus two with Prof. Fowler. The class was very interesting and was taught by my favorite professor at Clarkson. My least favorite class was Biology two by prof. Zanta. I did not like the class very much because the professor just read off of slides the entire class and provided no extra insight to the topic at hand. Students study around three to four hours a day, if they have an exam approaching students will study twice or three times as long per day. Class participation is very common partly due to the small class size. Students do have intellectual conversions outside of class. Most students at Clarkson University care about what they are learning and are preparing their-selves for the professional world. Students for the most part do seem to be competitive with test grades. The most unique class i've taken was material science taught by Prof. Rasmusen, the class taught us about atoms, molecule structures and nearly everything about them. My major is engineering and management, the department is 100% here for me. If i send them an email i will get a response promptly. They are always willing to help me with any type of question I may have. If I am to see a professor I know outside of class they will always say hi and sometimes even walk with me. The schools academic requirements are difficult, but this may be part of the reason we have such a high demand by employers. The education at Clarkson is geared toward learning how to learn and is geared toward getting a job and what you will need to know.


Clarkson has become one of the best engineering, science, and business schools in the United States. The majority of students are in the school of engineering, while the business school is at a close second. Due to the size of the school, there are no classes with more than 100 students in them. Freshman year students are normally in one or two lecture classes a semester, but each have a recitation class with only about 20 students in it. After freshman year it is rare to have any classes with more than 35 students in them. The small class sizes give students the ability to get to know their professors on a more personal level. I started off freshman year as a Biomolecular Science Major, which was just not for me. It was tough, but it was not the reason I switched. I switched because I found that Global Supply Chain Management was a perfect major for me. The Global Supply Chain Management major is one of four majors in the business school. All of the four majors in the business school start off a core curriculum for their freshman and sophomore years, then they are able to go off into their specific business major area. All students at Clarkson have to spend a good chunk of their time studying and doing homework for classes, but because everyone is in the same boat, students study together and help each other out. One of the best parts about Clarkson's academics is that it has a very high job placement out of graduation.


The academics at Clarkson is really great. The professors really get to know you but only of you try to get to know them. Clarkson biggest major is engineering, but that doesn't mean all the other majors are not important. I am a political science major and the department is great because its not just a political science department it's a department filled with different majors. Clarkson provides students with different classes that differs from their major in order to broaden students knowledge. Though college is intended to get a good job, Clarkson's main goal is to teach what you want to learn. The students involve themselves in different activities to enhance their knowledge, the professors aim to help students or just chat with them.


Clarkson academics, with minor exceptions, are fantastic! The professors know everything and are always willing to help, assumming they aren't working on a research project in the lab or busy finishing publications. The professors are typically at the top of their field and have an amazing amount of experience in their subject matter as well as teaching the material. Something that stands out to me at Clarkson is the orginazation of curriculum. The system to which each engineering student adheres, starting from their first day on campus, is very well-thought out. Each freshman takes the fundamental classes together, creating a commiserating bond between every student participating. As an Engineering and Management major at Clarkson, I experiences this coersion of Freshman year, but by mid-Sophmore year, I was on my way to more specialized classes with those striving towards the same career path and me. I could go on forever about how great the Engineering and Management program is, ranging from the advisor system to the course material and functionality of the knowledge we gain. I just rolled off an intership with GE Aviation, where I was able to excel due to both my business and technical background from school. Overall, I really appreciate the Clarkson academic system and eveyrthing that it has done for me and my success, and I would highly recommend Clarkson to anyone with the drive to become a leader.


Due to the technical nature of the majors at Clarkson the academic aspect is very challenging for most. The faculty faculty and staff do a lot to help ensure that first year students are successful. The professors are great, they are always available if you need any extra help or if you just want to stop by their office and chat. Due to the small classes there is often a lot of participation and interaction which really helps me to get a deeper understanding of material than I would have gotten at a school with a big lecture hall. The Clarkson community is a very supportive environment, all of the students work together and help each-other to succeed. My favorite thing about Clarkson is that my education is geared toward getting a job in my area of study. I enjoy the security of Clarkson's high post graduation placement rate and the value of a Clarkson education in the job market.


Due to the student to teacher ratio, and if one goes in to get extra help during office hours... the professors get to know you. Students are studying all the time, between all the different classes being offered exams are every week. But during finals week, you will not find an empty table in the library or the lab, everyone pulls all nighters even multiple ones. I am majoring in Digital arts and sciences, which is a 3D modeling course load. I spend time outside of class with my teachers to get help on my projects. I feel that this school's academic requirements are on the right page because most people out of college will get a job because they went to clarkson


Academics at Clarkson are something the University thrives about! It is a very challenging school but prepares you for future education and careers. Professors are very willing to help and get to know their students. Clarkson students are always in the library, its like a second home, students are always in all corners of the academic buildings studying. Going to Clarkson as a Biology major although isn't the most popular it is a very interesting major that I enjoy! My favorite class I have taken while being at Clarkson has been Zoology, the course was very interesting, although challenging I did enjoy and did very well, I am now looking to do research for that professor as well as taking future classes with him! I think after my time at Clarkson I will be prepared for whatever is thrown at me!


intense. classes are hard, but professors are fair if you go to them for help. you'll be studying a lot, but partying just as hard if you don't procrastinate.


The thing that I like the most about Clarkson is the fact that the professors really know each and everyone of their students. I know all of my professors on a first name basis and they all know me on a first name basis. I also maintain a healthy relationship with all of my professors and know alumni that still talk to their professors 5 or 6 years after they have graduated. While some of the classes aren’t challenging you still get a lot out of taking a class and getting to know your professor really well. Knowing and appreciating a professor has helped me to concentrate and be comfortable when asking questions or asking for help. If you do the work that each class requires you should have no problem in succeeding academically at Clarkson. Also keep in mind that time management is a great skill to have in order to succeed, not only here at Clarkson but everywhere else.


Clarkson University offers students the most advanced classroom settings and focuses on the individual student. Its small size allows teachers to individually interact and with all of their students. Teachers are always readily available for help outside of the classroom, and have office hours several times per week. It is no myth that Clarkson students spend a lot of time doing work outside of the classroom. The coursework can get heavy at times, but there is still always time for relaxation with new friends.


Many Engineering majors seem study all the time, but on the weekends(sometimes starting Thursday) even they find a way to get loose. The classes are challenging and many classes the teachers encourage participation. The Lit classes I have taken tend to be highly discussion based. The professors know their work, and plenty professors know my name. And sometimes we discuss topics from class outside in the doors. Many students are helpful in the halls of the doors before exams you can find students studying in groups working out problems with each other on the walls with dry erase markers. The career fair we have at school is very popular and Clarkson is always pushing us to get internships with companies.


The academic life at Clarkson University is challenging and very fulfilling. Almost all of your professors will know your name by the end of the semester as class participation is usually encouraged in classes and the professors have office hours where they set time aside to be in their offices to answer questions that students may have. At Clarkson I have the ability to major in both business and liberal arts under a unique program called Arete. Programs such as this and the iE&M major which encompasses both business and engineering are some of the positive aspects of Clarkson's academic life. The education at Clarkson is very challenging and prepares students to enter the real world when it comes to getting a job.


Hard. Business Majors and Engineering Majors are constantly at odds. Engineering majors say Business is easier, and Business majors say that no matter how much easier the math is, Engineering majors could never make it in the business world, because they are socially handicapped and awkward. Each of these claims are accurate.


The professors rule in almost* any degree, although I strayed from the aero degree due to the teachers. Some professors have just left me in awe though, in fact I had a fresman teacher that frequently went over time and everyone was too busy arguing in the class to even know that class ended ten minutes before. Any any college you will find varience. It is also worth noting that the professors here have their connections. Clarkson definitely gears itself towards the job aspect rather then learning which deflected many kids from coming here that I know, but it is just a reputation it made for itself, kind of like Clarkson saying it has diversity (which it doesn't). Most kids are really into their major if it is engineering, but there is a saying that goes limit as GPA approaches 0 = Clarkson School of business. Business majors and engineers constantly abuse eachother. Expectations are very high at Clarkson, and when people graduate they often tell shock stories about how they found themselves far ahead of other people than they expected. Noone nearly takes their education too seriously here, in comparison to colleges like MIT.