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What are the most popular student activities/groups?


Hockey is certainly the most-watched athletic team on campus, since they are the only Division I program. Student access to hockey games is free. Fraternities are a popular go-to place for younger students on the weekends. However, only about 10% of students are members of Greek organizations. There are many events on campus, the Clarkson Union Board tries to bring an entertainer to campus every Friday night and also puts on other events, all for free. Athletes tend to stick together. Older students that drink are usually found at one of the four off-campus bars on weekends.


Hockey is certainly the most-watched athletic team on campus, since they are the only Division I program. Student access to hockey games is free. Fraternities are a popular go-to place for younger students on the weekends. However, only about 10% of students are members of Greek organizations. There are many events on campus, the Clarkson Union Board tries to bring an entertainer to campus every Friday night and also puts on other events, all for free. Athletes tend to stick together. Older students that drink are usually found at one of the four off-campus bars on weekends.


The most popular team on campus is definitely the men's hockey team. The student section is always full at every game. The team is probably one of the most supported on campus. Actually, the biggest event, in my opinion, would be the Clarkson vs. St. Lawrence hockey game. Students arrive to the arena hours in advance to get a decent seat. And the hockey games are free to all students! The SPEED teams, such as Esled (electronic snowmobile), Concrete Canoe, and First Robotics are all popular as well.


Popular student clubs mostly center around building something. Some examples are Steel Bridge Club and Concrete Canoe, I think both of those are pretty self explanatory. In their free time people here do party, but I think it's like that in any environment that pushes you to work hard. You work hard, you party hard. I generally avoid the party scene. I like going to movies, seeing local bands play, and going out for unhealthy food at an ungodly late hour. There's a Mexican place here that serves burritos the size of small babies until about 3am on the weekends. It's amazing. There are four colleges in the area, so no matter what you're into you can find people who like the same thing. The other colleges generally don't mind if you stop into some of their club meetings. A lot of clubs on campus hold events you can participate in. The gaming club hosts quite a few LAN parties and every other week I see fliers for some sort of gaming tournament going on. If you have a hobby you love, someone near by loves the same thing.


Fraternities and sororities are a huge part of Clarkson's student body and Potsdam's community. Students will join these organizations for numerous reasons. Varsity and club sports teams are pretty big as well, with the Division 1 hockey players holding sort of a "status" or "title" for themselves. It is often found that many freshmen dorms will have their door rooms left ajar, providing the opportunity to make many new relationships in your first year or two at Clarkson. The dating scene at Clarkson is less dating and more so "hooking up", but this seems to be a predominant attitude on many college campuses. Being a small town, many students participate in drinking activities on the weekends, such as going to parties or the bars, however there is lots of entertainment on campus during the weekends for those who do not wish to partake in alcohol consumption. These events are often organized by individual students or campus organizations and clubs.


Most popular groups? - Ski club is huge. Theres something like 80 other clubs which all offer a slew of benefits and opportunities. my involvement? - I was the treasurer of my fraternity, Tau Epsilon Phi. I also founded the Clarkson bowling Team - we travel to different tournaments and compete. As well I was the president of the bowling club. Doors open? - Freshmen year, definitely, it's was a must and most did. later years, for me atleast, doors started to be closed more than open. Athletic events? - Hockey is very hyped and the big event on campus. guest speakers don't really get huge publicity, but still get fair amount of student viewers and no real such thing as theater at Clarkson. Dating Scene? - Pretty tough but it's there. My friend and I had to reach out to the neighboring school of Suny Potsdam, meet my closest friends? - freshman year, walking around trying to meet new people as well as getting to know my brothers in my fraternity. awake at 2am? - all-nighter for the exam tomorrow morning traditions? - hockey game verse SLU, yearly concert. Party? - I'd say anywhere from once to three times a week (thursday = weekend for some students.) fraternities/sororities? - I believe strongly that the reason i'm enjoying my time at Clarkson is in part due to my fraternity. I also strongly believe you have to pick the right one for who you are. Sorority's are more prevalent in Suny Potsdam, where Clarkson students can infact pledge if interested. Last weekend? - drove to mohawk valley to compete in a bowling tournament. Saturday night non-drinking? - Video games. Also, there are tons of activities hosted by the school that are sober events. off campus? - I live off campus so that's what I do off campus, besides that you can go to the close mountains and ski or snowboard, or hike in the Adirondaks. It's a beautiful area if you get out into it.


For a small town, there is a lot to do in Potsdam. There are lectures and talks in the evenings in town almost every week, and the movie theatre in town has a college night, as well as weekly indie films during the semester. At the SUNY college, there are lots of free concerts because of their great music program. There are also a lot of restaraunts and a few bars in town, and on weekend nights, most of these places are filled with students from both colleges. There are a lot of student groups on campus (academic and non academic) so there is plenty to do if you don't want to go into town. But as I said before, Clarkson students are pretty laid back, so most students just hang out with friends at night and help each other with their most recent math homework.... Or maybe ride office chairs down the halls of the science center at 2am if its a special occasion :)


The most popular club on campus is Ski Club. The area is home to some of the best skiing in the Northeast(White Face, Gore, and Jay peak). Typically a student will meet their closest friends within a student major on their freshman dorm floor. Most students leave their doors open and have a welcoming attitude. The student body as a whole supports the Hockey team, it is Clarkson's only division 1 sport. There is also a strong Greek presence at Clarkson. All of the Greek houses are located off campus. Most student will frequent these places on the weekends. Resident Life also provides alternate forms of entertainment of the weekends for those who do not wish to drink.


We have an organization call CUSA (Clarkson University Student Association) which is like student government. They through many events on campus such as spring fest. However, since my terms, I have seen many active clubs or organizations around. We have ski club, international clubs, National Society of Black Engineers, Synergy, and many other fraternities. I am very involve with diverse groups on campus. I have been member or have(having) positions in Social club such as International Club, and professional clubs such as National Societies of Black Engineers and Society of Asian Scientists and Engineers. By being part of those groups, I was able to meet many people and learn many things socially and professionally. I don't join fraternities because I do not like such social scene, however, it is not for everyone. And there are many different ways to meet people.


The most popular groups of students are the Greeks hosting parties for students, and the sports teams who harness Clarkson's school spirit. I am the vice president of Delta Sigma Phi. Our fraternity has the second highest GPA out of all Greek houses and we host an annual event called "Burnout" that raises money for our local Potsdam Fire Dept. Most students leave their doors open. Athletic events and guest speakers are quite popular, hockey games tend to top the list of most popular. The dating scene is great in potsdam, it is a very nice small city filled with many nice restaurants, bars, and parks. I met my closest friends living in the same dorm freshman year, becoming a member of a fraternity, and playing lacrosse for Clarkson for a year. If I am awake at 2 am on a Tuesday I am studying for an exam the next day or trying to finish a homework assignment or project. Sporting events, homecoming, welcoming freshman, burnout, Mr. Clarkson, are some of the annual traditions and events that happen every year. Students party 2 to 3 nights a week for the most part if they go out. Fraternities and sororities play a large role in the night life at Clarkson along with sports teams. Last weekend I went to a basketball game with friends and went to the movies. On a Saturday night you can attend a sporting event, go out to dinner, go to the local movie theater, or go to open skate. Since I live off campus I have friends over, play sports outside, play hockey when the ice is froze, and sometimes go downtown.


I do not think there is one popular group or organization on campus. The division one hockey team is the most watched sports team, but all of the other division three sports teams are well liked and enjoyed. If you walk down any hall of one of the dorms you are bound to see at least half of the doors open. I came to Clarkson without knowing anyone that I didn't meet on facebook or from visiting Clarkson, but I made friends that I will have for the rest of my life within the first day of school. While the majority of the school does not go out and party every weekend, there is significant amount that do. I personally go out to the fraternities and sororities almost every weekend and it is not a problem if somebody wants to go and not drink, nobody would judge them any differently. There are plenty of non-drinking activities available to students on weekends as well, such as speakers, athletic events, clubs, and movie nights with friends. I am being rushed by a Clarkson/Potsdam sorority, Alpha Delta Kappa, and am planning on joining this coming semester. Greek life is not a make or break factor of a student's social life. Most students do not go greek and there is nothing wrong with that in anyone's eyes at Clarkson.


At Clarkson there is something for everyone. The most popular activity on Campus is definitely watching and cheering on the men's hockey team. There are speed teams, greek life, themed housing communities, professional societies and much more. A typical Friday night depends on the individual but could range from attending a greek event to going to watch a comedian/magician/concert in the student center or just hanging out with friends on campus. There is something for everyone!


Since my freshmen year I have been involved in student activities! I have been a part of Phi Delta Epsilon, a pre-med fraternity, A senator and now a committee chair of CUSA, student government, and a sister of Omega Delta Phi Sorority. I love being a part of CUSA because I can make a difference in the student environment and can work towards changes the students want! Also being a part of CUSA I get to hear many people in high authorities speak and tell us their plans to improve Clarkson, such as the university president. My freshmen year I made so so many friends in my building, there was always someone coming in and out of rooms, study parties going on in the lounge, or something running up and down the hall! Everyone always kept their doors open and were hanging out with everyone, floor dinners happened regularly! Also I made my best friends being in a sorority, I love them all! I know I always can turn to someone if I need to and love the things we do for the community and others!


hockey hockey hockey theres a club for literally everything, and if there isn't one you like, you can make your own.


Clarkson is great at accommodating the students needs and wants when it comes to student activities. You can always start your own group, all you need is an interest or hobby, and friends that share that same need and interest and you are golden. Slowly but surely Clarkson is getting better at providing entertainment for those students that don’t and can’t drink alcoholic beverages. On the other hand, if you are the type that likes to drink we have our on-campus bar, as well as a few other bars located a few minutes in downtown Potsdam. During the weekends you will also most likely find yourself at a basement at one of Clarkson’s Greek fraternity houses. In conclusion, there are plenty of things to do here at Clarkson you just have to get out there and find out for yourself.


Clarkson has a wide range of clubs, teams, and organizations to get involved with. I am currently involved with the Collegiate Entrepreneurs Organization, which is a group of mainly business students, that work to start new business ventures within the Clarkson and Potsdam community. We currently run the Kiosk, which is an on-campus vendor for Clarkson gear located in the Cheel Campus Center. On a more social note, Greek organizations provide a great method to interact with other socialable people from Clarkson, as well as SUNY Potsdam and St. Lawrence.


There's a bowling ally in the town that is reasonably price(cosmic bowling on the weekends I think after 9pm). Potsdam, NY is a college town, SUNY Potsdam is 5mins from Clarkson and St. Lawrence University is a 10min ride. Clarkson is 2.5 hours from Syracuse and about 2 hours from Montreal, Canada. Hockey games are always fun, but there are also the other D3 sports to attend. Intramural sports are always good fun, and the SPEED teams are cool(Mini Baja and Mini Indy). Also there is a little movie theater that is walking distance .


Hockey is huge at Clarkson, a lot of students spend their evening at Cheel Arena watching the game when the team is home. Both men's and women's hockey is Division 1 at Clarkson and the rest of the sports are Division 3. Students do attend some of the other sports, but definitely not the same number that go to the men's hockey games. I met most of my good friends through the SB113/SB 114 course that I took as a freshman; This is a course where students have the opportunity to write a business plan, prepare an investor presentation and then actually run the business. It is a great experience and allowed me to grow close to a lot of people. Greek Life is pretty big, and usually where the parties are on the weekends. I have a few good friends who are very invovled in their sororities/fraternities and they seem to love it! If it is for you, it seems like a good way to make good friends and have some fun.


Few Bars, no clubs. If you want a social life, go Greek, as the greek system is fairly prevalent at CU. I went greek my first semester, and have loved every second of it.


Clubs are iffy. I found myself signing up for a lot freshman year, and narrowed it down the radio station we have (WTSC), and occasionally get emails from clubs who have something cool to do. I go off campus to all three other colleges sometimes a couple times a week because I can make a fool of myself and noone will know/care, go to free classical concerts at Crane, strange events at Potsdam state, and even more odd events at SLU. Most of my best friends I developed through studying. When neighboring colleges aren't holding events I usually have a lot of personal projects I am working on, but that is just me. Parties around campus are usually on par, but don't expect anything special from Clarkson fraternaties/sororities, the ratio throws things off frequently but offer what people need to get through, I suggest neighboring schools again though. The largest thing that brings Clarkson together in the end is always Hockey.