Clarkson University Top Questions

What do you consider the worst thing about your school? Why?


The one aspect of my school I consider to be the worst would be the amount of tuition asked of students.


The worst thing about my school is the dorms. Most of them are very old and not updated. My stove is at least 20 years old and does not work very well.


the worst thing about clarkson university is the load of home work that is dues every day from different classes .


The lack of maintenence on the campus facilities can be frustrating. My bathroom lights went out this semester and I placed a work order and noone came. It is also very common for large potholes to be on campus roads and ice/snow build-up in the winter can be ridiculous.


The housing and food. The housing system is messed up. It gives you a better number weighted by how many years you have been there not by how many credits you have or anything else that would be more relevant. The housing is not the best either. A lot of that has to do with the large amount of competition for housing with a kitchen since the food is not good. They also force classes onto teachers who do not want to teach them, which leads to a hard class with minimal learning.


The cold weather, and when it rains hard we get a flood of water.


There is soo much going on with little time to take part in everything.


It gets really, really cold.


The worst thing about my school would have to be it's lack of diversity. Clarkson has attempted to diversify it's campus but I feel there is still an overwhelming amount of work to be done in that capacity. Racism and prejudice is not reported often and seems to be a non-prevalent issue. However, I believe this can simply be attributed to the fact that many of the racist and prejudice overtones and occurrences are covert. I, myself, only experiences overt racism once as a senior in my academic career. It was real eye opening exprience.


Student Housing needs to be modernized


The Worst thing about my school is its location, there isnt very much to do in potsdam. Also there is a lack of diversity among the students. Most of them stay in thier rooms and are not very outgoing.


Lack of off campus activities.


I think the worst thing would have to be the rural isolation from larger metropolitan areas, but this isloaltion is also one of Clarkson's defining charecteristics. The isolation creates a close community like Clarkson's, but it also sucks for when you want to go to a concert, mall, or want specific food like sushi, thai etc.


Definitely the weather. We are located in Northern New York, and it gets cold here and stays that way. Since there aren't too many distractions, like a huge city or constant parties, people tend to get lonely and a little depressed. ALSO the food - oh my gosh - they are finally revamping their food system, but there is limited places to eat on campus and the food that they have here is far from par. With such a low social profile, the school could definitely invest in better food and more activities, like concerts.


I dont know.