Clarkson University Top Questions

What kind of person should attend this school?


Someone who likes the outdoors and the cold who has good time management and likes a challenge, but also likes to defy convention.


looking for challenge


Someone who is dedicated and ready for a university like this should come here. This school is a lot of money to be wasting if you don't think it is the right one for you. I think Clarkson looks for students that are inspiring and dedicated to their career path.


A creative minded individual that is not afraid to be openminded and "defy convention" should attend Clarkson. Most individuals that go here are looking to be engineers or business majors but there are others who are not discouraged by their minority status of being psychology or science majors.


Clarkson is very good about letting you get your hands dirty. They not only teach you the book, but they teach you how to apply it. They give you hands on experience


People who should attend Clarkson need to be highly motivated, positive and people looking to graduate with a career in the engineering or business fields.


Someone who is serious abouyt their education and desires to be a member of the prestigious Clarkson Alumni.


Someone who is focused on their future and is ready to get ahead of others with real-world learning skills, carrer-related internships, and scintific research.


Clarkson University is for anyone that is willing to work hard to achieve a long term goal. Students that attend this school are well rounded and love to get involved in several campus and volunteer activities. It is also very crucial that who ever comes to this school enjoys hockey because hockey is the biggest thing here. In addition, it is important to work hard and play hard too. Clarkson students are able to score major points in both the study and social game. Overall, this school the place to be and you will have friends for life.


Someone who is very career driven, motivated, and prepared to perhaps not be the best at everything. This school is extremely difficult. One must prepare for lower expectations. You are in the middle of nowhere with nothing to do. Studying is important. Don't let others distract you.


Technical, analytical thinkers.


Not a dorm room dweller. Someone who will take the initiative to go out and find what they want to do.


Anyone that has an interest in a practical major (Engineering, Science, or Business especially) that wants to get an excellent education and a well-paying job right after graduation.


Someone who is very studeous and has a strong determination for their feild of study. Also, some one who likes cold weather


since clarkson is a small school, people who like to know 'everybody' will like it. walking through campus, you will probably always see at least two or three people you know. the weekends also almost always consist of going out to frat houses or just a friends house or dorm to drink, so if you like drinking socially, this is definitely the place for you. although there are also people who just like to chill out on the weekends with friends, so if you just like to relax on the weekends, there's people to do that with as well.


Persons interested in business or engineering that are willing to accept the heavy workload that Clarkson prides itself for.