Clearwater Christian College Top Questions

Describe your favorite campus traditions.


Clearwater Christian College is foremost a Christiam college. The campus is small, and the student body does not exceed 600 students. Acedemic and Christian excellence is stressed.


Clearwater Christian College is know for being a family.


The school is probably best known for the Christian atmosphere and proximity to the beach.


Christianity. Our school focuses overall on the student's relationship with God. It is integrated into every classroom. Unless you personally ignore everything taught in the classroom, it is impossible to leave this school without getting to know more about God. Plus, we are taught in serveral classes about other religions so that we know why we do the things we do as opposed to others. Then we can be sure of ourselves when we defend our faith.


Clearwater Christian College is known for its strong emphasis on Biblical truths. Students here are immersed in Biblical teaching in all of their classes. This emphasis prepares us for careers in our chosen fields, but with a strong Biblical worldview. Faculty here love us and pour themselves into our education to make certain that when we graduate we are prepared to go into the world equipped spiritually and intellectually.


Clearwater Christian College is best known for its high academic standards and small student-teacher ratio, which helps to maximize the potential for academic success.


Clearwater Christian College is best known for it's emphasis on a relationship with Christ and letting the relationship show in your life and work. It is a great for school spirit, support, and learning.


Being a non-compromising Christian college. CCC is also known for its outstanding education in a variety of liberal arts fields and for its qualified and caring teachers. Many in the community have a deep respect for all that CCC is attempting to do, especially in regards to producing, godly, intelligent, discerning, informed, and caring individuals in society.


My college is best known for it's Christian beliefs and values. Compared to other secular colleges, each class begins with prayer, and the professors always make sure to share the message with the students of each class. Also, the teachers make themselves available for one-on-one sessions where they will answer questions and pray with the student.


It is best known for being a smaller Christian college that is a lot more strict than public or state collges.


they are best known for being a chrisian college


It is best known for its committment to equiping college students to serve God in every avenue of life.


CCC has a great Bible departmant, but as a liberal arts school it has many other great programs too.


The family atmosphere.


We are know for our friendly atmosphere. Kind and caring teachers. Small classess and more hands on training. we are also know for our accreditation. Also in pinellas county the Elementary Education program is very well known. All the schools request to have interns from our school. some have even said that they only want an intern if they are from Clearwater Chrstian College.


CCC is known for it's impeccable testimony and crazy awesome sports teams!!!!!! GO COUGARS!!!!!


How many people transfer out of here... And how it has some rules that are crazy but not that bad.


Being in sunny Florida.


Being a small, closely-knit school, and a decent athletic program.


This school is most known for its ideal location, 10 minutes from downtown Tampa and 10 minutes from the beech.


My school is best known for help in spiritual growth and its regional accreditation.


Clearwater Christian College is best known for its small family atmosphere, great location and wonderful faculty


Clearwater Christian College is known for being an accredited Christian liberal arts college.


Clearwater Christian College is known for delivering a terrific Christian education while providing a conservative, spiritually uplifting enviroment. They have absolutely no tolerance for those who live there lives in opposition to the teachings of Scripture.


For being a fundamentalist, Bible-teaching institution with conservative standards. The academic standards are excellent, and the teachers are well-liked. The low student-to-teacher ratio in classes allows students to interact with and get to know professors. Because of the relatively small size of the school, there is a great family environment.


Volleyball and Christian service.


Socially speaking, Clearwater Christian College provides an excellent environment to develop many wonderful relationships with fellow students as well as know your professors on a more personal level. Although our school is smaller, there is always something going on here!


Clearwater Christian College is probably best known for the fact that it is a Christian college. It is a "religious" school that costs more than some schools and has more rules than some schools.


Clearwater Christian College is best known for its spiritual atmosphere. The teachers are always there to encourage and push the students. They all have a heart for the Lord, and it shows as they teach in their classes. Chapel services are focused on praise and worship and always have great speakers.


Clearwater Christian College is probably best known for its conservative Biblical standards. It focuses in on God and discipling the students. Everything they do is meant to help the students grow in their relationship with Christ to become better witnesses of the gospel.


We have very friendly and well-qualified professors. Because our school is so small, there is as much personal interaction between professors and students as the student desires. You know everyone on campus since it is only a campus of 600 students including commuters. We have an excellent educational program; once you graduate you can get a job almost anywhere in education.